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Explore London’s Lesser-Known Museums

London has some of the biggest and best museums in the world. It is home to the National History Museum, the British Museum, the V&A, the Science Museum and many more, and these often prove to be highlights of a visit.

If you’re arriving in to Gatwick airport, taxi rides to your city accommodation are convenient and easy, and your driver can often be a mine of information. Ask him or her for tips of what museums to visit, but as a starting point these are some excellent choices.

Brunel Museum

You can find out all about the work of the engineers Marc Isambard Brunel and Isambard Kingdom Brunel at this fascinating museum. It includes drawings and engravings that illustrate their incredible achievements, as well as details about the projects that shaped Britain. Find it at Rotherhithe, the location of the Thames Tunnel.

The Old Operating Theatre

This is the last 19th century operating theatre in the country, and it makes for a fascinating trip (and may be a favourite “insider tip” from your Gatwick airport taxi driver). It is housed in an old church, and you can see the very place where people were operated on in days gone by. You can watch demonstrations of old techniques, and you can also tour the herb garret, where medical herbs were kept. It is an atmospheric experience and the accompanying talks are fascinating.

Dennis Severs’ House

This 18th-century house shows you what life was like in East London two centuries ago. It has been preserved as if it was still inhabited, and you can explore the rooms and take in the atmosphere on a very interesting tour.

Magic Circle Museum

At this museum, you will be able to find out all about the Magic Circle and get an insight into the great illusionists and their tricks. There is some fascinating memorabilia on display, including Houdini’s handcuffs, as well as a number of props and posters. You’ll find it near Euston Station.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

If you are a fan of the fictional detective, get your Gatwick airport taxi driver to point this museum out as you pass through Baker Street so you can return and explore it. Inside it is furnished to look like Sherlock Holmes’ home and you can enjoy the Victorian props, waxworks, artefacts and a gift shop.

Charles Dickens’ Museum

This museum is housed in a building where the great Dickens once lived. It is marked only by a plaque above the door, but inside you will find a fascinating exhibit over four floors, containing rare editions and interesting memorabilia.

See These Fascinating Museums

These are just some of the fascinating museums that you will be able to visit once you have taken a Gatwick airport taxi into London and settled into your accommodation. By all means visit the more famous museums as well, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore these lesser-known ones during your time here.

Lukas Johannes