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7 Ways to Keep Active During the Winter

It’s easy to stay active during the summer, when there are countless opportunities to get out in the great outdoors and run, swim, and play sports with friends. It’s a little bit more difficult when the sun stops shining and it gets too cold to stand outside for long. How do you stay active? Here are a few tips on how to keep pursuing active hobbies during the wintertime.

1. Find a winter-specific sport.
If you can’t play the sports you’re used to playing in the summer, that’s no problem. There are plenty of sports that can only be done during the winter. Try taking up skiing or snowshoeing. Plenty of winter sports lodges will offer a season pass so you can take advantage of their hills and equipment all winter long for a relatively low cost.

2. Join a gym.
You may not need a gym during the summer months when you’re always outside anyway, but if you don’t want to brave the cold to get your regular exercise, a gym is the perfect answer. Pick back up with your summer games of basketball and volleyball – just play them on the inside this time.

3. Get some home weights.
You don’t have to go out in the cold to get to the gym just to keep your weight routine going. Invest in a set of home weights and stay in the comfort of your own home. Get fit while watching all the reruns of your favorite holiday episodes on TV and then wind down with a nice cup of hot chocolate afterward.

4. Dance.
The best way to keep yourself active when you’re all alone. Whether you’re waiting for dinner to cook or your newest digital purchase to download, use those in-between times for some mini cardio workouts. Crank up some tunes and dance like nobody’s watching… hopefully nobody is! Throw some jumping jacks or push ups into your dance routine and you’ve just made yourself a personalized workout.

5. Swim at an indoor pool.
You might not be able to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine the way you can at an outdoor pool in July, but you can still enjoy the feel of the water on your skin and the adrenaline rush when it gets your heart pumping. A winter-long membership to an indoor pool is worth the money.

6. Set a goal.
Sometimes it can be the hardest to get yourself motivated during winter. Give yourself a little extra reason to get going by setting yourself a goal. Whether it’s a weight loss goal, a running distance goal, or building the muscle you wanted in your upper body, find something you really want to strive for and then work toward it.

7. Give yourself a reward.
Every time you motivate yourself to accomplish one of your goals, even if it’s just “make it to the gym today,” reward yourself. One of the best rewards? Some time in the sauna. That can make all of it feel worthwhile.

Payton T Patel