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What Is the True Spirit of the Olympics?

So I was thinking… “What is the true spirit of the Olympic games”? It is indisputably the only time where essentially all the countries of the world come together in the common purpose of sport. Of course it is with the intention of competition and attempting to prove that your country possesses the superior athletes.

On one hand we can look at the negative side and say how ironic it is that the only time we can come together as a world is in the name of saying “Ha ha, I’m better than you.” And on the other hand we can look at the bright side and acknowledge that the world certainly is capable of doing much worse, engaging in activities such as war, espionage, covert dealings and exploitation of one another. At least we can say we appreciate the Olympics by honoring something that is peaceful, fun and entertaining even if everyone can’t be winners.

Of course this leads to the next question(s). Is the world community capable of coming together for something that doesn’t require winners and losers? Is it possible everyone can win or is this just fanciful thinking? I searched my brain to try and come up with just one other instance where the countries of the world come together for any unifying purpose and couldn’t think of even one.

I suppose this is just a sign of our collective consciousness. I think of it like a bell curve. On the small tail end of the curve you have the most ignorant and wickedest people who are selfish and think of not only themselves but also how to gain power and control over others. Then there’s the small front end of the curve that consists of the most spiritually advanced souls that are like pioneers serving, as examples to inspire and steer society towards greater unity, love and truth. The majority of the masses fall into the center where we focus on trying to make the best material lives possible for ourselves. We’re not exceptionally divine or evil. We care for family, our friends and ourselves and then may have a little left over for our neighborhoods, communities and country.

What would it take for the world to think of us not as divided races, creeds, cultures or nationalities? Would it take a common enemy such as aliens to come with the intentions to make us all extinct? It is well known that nothing unites two people like a common enemy but does it really take a life-threatening situation for people to recognize that we are all humans? Do any of us truly enter this world rich or poor, smart or dumb, weak or powerful? Of course society makes these determinations depending upon which family we’re born into and/or what region of the world. But in truth we all simply come into this world either male or female and perhaps different shades of skin.

Lateef Warnick