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What fitness classes Leeds should you chose to stay in shape?

It usually goes like this: at the beginning of the year we think to ourselvesthat during Christmas time we put on too much weight and it’s high time we went to gym and get the surplus off. And then January passes by without a single class attended and we tell ourselves that in February we will persuade our friend to come along. But have you ever considered that maybe we postpone the moment because we haven’t found the classes that we like and we are not doing it for fun as well? Read below as I am about to present the fitness classes Leeds at Motive8 and you will surely find something for your taste. And you won’t need a friend because you can have a personal trainer Leeds.

Motive8, such like its name suggests, is a health and fitness company that focuses on fitness classes Leedsas well as classes with apersonal trainer Leeds. Your choice depends on what you like and of course, on what motivates you. From small group classes to nutrition consultation at Motive8 you will have all the needed support to lose weight, stay in shape and feel good about yourself.

Designed on different levels of fitness, their fitness classes Leeds are very diverse and held in small groups so that every customer gets the needed attention from the instructor. For example, if your goal is to lose a bit of weight through cardio and you want to do it while having fun, you can choose Zumba Fitness, a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program, or Street Dance, which will help you boost your coordination. Moreover, if you want to burn calories fast your best choice could be Spin – flat runs, hill climbs – or Combat Aerobics, which is a mix of aerobics and martial art techniques for an incredible cardio workout. Or maybe your goal is to tone your muscles and look good in your new jeans; then you would have to choose between Body Pump – a workout that challenges all your major muscle groups – and Circuit Training, which mixes aerobic and resistance-based exercises for you to tone up.

No matter what class you choose from the 11 alternatives available, you will be well taken care of by the instructor, who will make sure the exercises are done correctly and that you will have great results in a few months. Prices for these classes vary in terms of the number of members in a group: a monthly class membership is only 29 pounds and for single classes you should pay 5 pounds. Prices for thefitness classes Leedsat Motive8 also vary in term of location so make sure to visit their website for a detailed price offer.

If you want to workout with apersonal trainer Leeds, the gym hall has a personal training programme for customers: 225 pounds for 6 weeks for a 60 minute personal training session per week or 420 pounds for 6 weeks for two 60 minute personal training session per week.