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Treadmills and What It’s All About

Treadmills provide straightforward and efficient aerobic workouts. Since walking is suited for most individuals for back conditions regardless of fitness level, treadmills are good for beginning a new exercise routine for jogging and interval training.

Treadmills are easy pieces of exercise equipment to use with predictable surfaces that are much easier to walk through than sidewalks, curbs or trails reducing the risk of tripping. Setting of speed, incline, warm up and cool down period and spent energy for control of workout aspects are in the hands of a treadmill user, as he can design custom programs to fit the time he has for exercising.

The same treadmill can be used by several users without the need of equipment adjustment. For the tracking of fitness progress, some treadmill packages include step counters and heart rate monitors. Watching television or reading a book are some of the other activities that can be engaged in while exercising on a treadmill at the same time.

Personal goals such as getting in shape and losing weight are achievable with treadmill exercises. Calories are burned much faster when running on a treadmill in comparison to other indoor exercise programs, such as biking. Studies show that people who workout on a treadmill actually loses 25% more calories than people who workout on a bike in the same amount of time.

Treadmills can be expensive and can take up a lot of home space. Sophisticated treadmill models generally do not fold up and measures up to 36 inches wide by 72 inches long in dimensions. Because treadmill exercise routines are limited to walking and running, the routine may prove to be boring in the long term.

Factors to look for in a treadmill that will provide a user with the right feature combination include motor power where a high power of rating of about 3.0 indicating smoother motion, more power and quieter operation. Some treadmills come with loud motors interfering with activities by other home companions situated near the equipment. The checking for an acceptable noise level, while either in walking and running modes, must be done prior to the final treadmill selection.

The running surface area of the treadmill must be both long enough and wide enough for the typical walking or running stride of the user for falling and tripping prevention while the cushioning quality must provide enough absorption for joint impact minimization and lesser bounce instability. Surface and rebound testing is critical to ensure that the treadmill cushioned surface does not inflict jarring impact on the back and stress on the hip, knee and ankle joints.

An ideal treadmill must provide easy to use, read and program electronic and manual controls together with quality workmanship and stability. Handrails that come with the equipment must be securely attached. There may be a need for professional consultation when it comes to treadmill maintenance with its computerized motors and programs.

Armando Calimbas