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Top 10 Tips for Participants in Adventure Sports

Commonly referred to as action sports, as the name suggests, the various types of adventure sports are personified by the rush of adrenaline that you feel while engaging in them.

Among the various kinds of sports activities that are widely practiced as on date, the adventure or extreme sports call for many precautions to be undertaken by the participants when compared to the other normal-type ones.

This piece is intended to throw light on some of the basic precautions you need to follow before plunging headlong into adventure sports.

i. First and most important is to look at the sport with the correct attitude
Never be overconfident when it comes to the risks associated with adventure sports. Even though you may be a regular participant, negligence or overconfidence can turn disastrous at any point of time.

ii. Undertake a detailed study about the sport so as to know the probable areas of danger and the measures to safe guard you well in advance.

iii. Every time you engage in such a sport, think that you are a first-timer. This is not to reduce your confidence level or intimidate your fighting spirit. It is just to make sure you observe the minimum prescribed safety standards always.

iv. Your safety should not be compromised at any cost. Adventure and thrill comes only second to your safety.

v. Never consider these sports to be a child’ play. There may be imminent risks you may not have faced so far. Hence, it is best advised to be in the company of a few comrades rather than venturing alone.

vi. Some adventure sports like mountaineering and water surfing should be practiced under the studied supervision of a seasoned expert.

vii. Mae sure you carry all of safety equipment you need to safely engage in the sport. For example, there are specified helmets, gloves, shoes and seat belts for some sports like motor sports.

viii. Take care to not to indulge in alcohol or drugs for at least a few hours before the sport activity. The same holds good for the use of steroids or boosters.

ix. In case you are undertaking a sporting activity in a foreign country, you have to make sure you appoint a suitable, reliable and reputed coach or guide that can help you with not only understanding the local conditions there but also provide useful tips to succeed in your mission of engaging in adventure sports.

x. Always try to gain as much information about the methods to handle any kind of emergency as possible to be prepared well in advance without being caught unawares.

A good prior knowledge coupled with a diligent attitude can work wonders for you while engaging in adventure sports.

Achal Mehrotra