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Top 10 Party Cities in the World

First of all I want to start by saying that these are my own picks. I didn’t do any research on the top cities to party in or anything like that.

These are places I’ve spent time at and love. I think its better like that anyway, all about the experiences and sharing them with you. There’s gonna be some off the wall spots on here you probably never would expect. I used to party a TON though so trust me on this. And granted there are plenty of others cities I’ve been to that could have made it on this list. But I picked the top ten that popped into my head first of all.

So these are my top 10 choices for the best cities to party at.

10. Lima Peru – This hot South American is bustling with life. I first hit Peru back in 07 I think it was, I gotta say for the men Peruvian woman are gorgeous, and for the ladies Peruvian dudes are good looking cats, South Americans in general are hot blooded and like their parties. We would never even head out until well after midnight and then wed party all night and hit the DiscoTechues at like 8 in the morning.

I highly recommend this for anyone looking to have some fun in another country with some great people. Head over to Mira Flores the major tourist hub in Lima and check out Aura and Gotica Nightclubs. These two of the larger and more trendy nightclubs in the area.

09. Mobile Alabama – Most people don’t know this, but this is the home of the original Mardi Gras, it started back in 1703 and is the oldest Carnival Celebration in the United States. There are plenty of tanned bodies on the Gulf coast always looking to have a good time. Downtown Mobile has a ton of character, and you get tons of young par-tiers coming Pensacola Florida (Another Hot Spot).

And more from Gulf Shores Mississippi, this whole area is one big party really. Head on down to Mobile during the first week of October for BayFest Music Festival. Its largest music festival in Alabama, upwards of 125 bands over a three day period. Good times good food, and good people.

08. Santa Barbara California – This place has it all, a beautiful downtown, and State Street is off the chain. Buy Designer clothes by day and party by night. I’ve spent a lot of time partying here, and granted its been a while. Things haven’t changed.

If you’re looking for more of a house party and college party type scene head to I.V. or Isla Vista for the younger crowd and streets packed with par-tiers until the wee hours of the morning.

07. Hollywood California – Alright I couldn’t leave this off, land of the beautiful people. Rock Stars, Celebrities, and famous people of all sorts. Hollywood is famous for a reason. There are endless clubs and bars, whatever you’re looking for.

Head over to the Whiskey for some live music, or check out some burlesque dance at the Pussycat Doll Lounge. Or you prefer to get straight to clubbing check out Johnny Deps Viper Room. Whatever you’re looking for Hollywood has it all

06. Juneau Alaska – Believe it this place is out of control, I had to throw this on here to encourage people to head to Alaska. The capital city has an unbelievable party scene. Especially in the summer time, during the peak of summer its not uncommon to have an extra 30,000 people in town from the cruise ships.

And Alaskans in general love to party, the beauty of Juneau is that everything is conveniently located in about three or four square blocks. I know this down sound like much, but there are more than enough establishments in this area. And when done partying for the night, head over to Pel Minis for some Russian dumplings.

05. San Francisco California – This is probably my favorite city in the world. Broadway is out of control and Chinatown is just crazy. Remember Big Trouble in Little China with old Jack Burton? Well its not quite the same as it used to be, but its still wild. And SF is just a fun city to visit, the culture, the music, and food, everything about it.

And yes the clubs and nightlife. Being from California and haven’t spent a good amount of time all over the state, my hat go offs to SF for being so unique. Don’t get me wrong So Cal is great too, but there’s something about the whole Bay atmosphere that hits home.

Maybe its because I was born right next to SF, but I cant think of anyone who would ever disagree about SF. Make sure while you’re there you see Broadway at night, and if you’re a little seedier action there’s always the Tenderloin But I don’t recommend that area for the faint of heart or just anyone.

04. Portland Oregon – Gotta love this city, land of the free spirits and flower children. Portland is definitely a young new wave town. Very modern, and extremely liberal, its got a great nightlife and very good food. On a side note, Portland is takes the reins for the most exotic Dance Clubs within a city limits in the entire United States. Yes lots and lots of Strippers, its a fun city though than that.

You a Fan of Whiskey? Check out the Multnomah Whiskey Library. And after a big night of partying have some steak and eggs while watching the lovely woman of the Acropolis Club in Southeast Portland. Well they could be lovely at nine in the morning after a night of drinking.

03. Gothenburg Sweden – This is where I actually call home right now. And let me tell you that if you’re looking to party with the seriously beautiful people, then Sweden is for you. Swedish people are just beautiful in general. And they know how to have fun; they are a bit more reserved at first. But once they open up, its game over.

Gothenburg is second to Stockholm in size, and while I haven’t been to Stockholm yet to compare. Gothenburg will always hold a place in my heart. If you’re looking for some good live rock there’s always Stick Fingers. And if you’re covered in tats like me, theres the rock bar which is right up your alley. On the other hand if you’re looking for a more club scene type thing go except, you wont be disappointed.

02. Austin Texas – I was very surprised by the downtown area of Austin. Wow, this place had a great nightlife, and tons and tons of clubs and bars. Fridays and Saturdays they shut down all of Sixth Street and the place is packed with par-tiers for blocks and blocks.

If you’re looking to some ladies dancing on the bars, check out the world famous Coyote Ugly. This place is great fun, good drinks, and wild as ever. I actually got hand cuffed there and took body shots off of a bartender, it was pretty funny.

01. London England – OK, this is the height of it all for pretty much everything. London is like San Francisco jacked up on juice. No joke, there are too many places to name here, but you gotta make sure and go to Piccadilly Circus. Whatever you’re looking for London has it, I’ve never seen a more culturally diverse city. There are people from everywhere in this city, and during the day there is so much to see.

I suggest before you go out partying check out the open market at the Camden Lock. This market had everything and awesome street food. I could imagine what the open markets must have been like 2000 years ago. It was kind of like the troll market from Hellboy 2, minus the trolls.

So These are the top 10 cities for partying in the world in my opinion.

I’m sure everyone has their own. And I cant say anything about Asia or Australia as I haven’t been there yet. Bali is next on my list; Ive grown into some different interest these days. But I still love a good party.

Hank William Klinger