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Three Fantastic Cites to Explore on European River Cruises

River cruises have grown massively in popularity in recent years, with the opportunity to discover a host of beautiful cities while relaxing on a luxury liner proving irresistible for many. Europe is a favoured destination, partly because of its vast network of waterways which lead to a plethora of stunning historical cities. To serve as food for thought, here are some fantastic locations you could discover should you decide to embark on a European river cruise.


A city full of culture, taking in the atmosphere around the narrow streets of Amsterdam really is a joy to behold. Home to a vast network of canals, a peaceful glide across the water offers a fine method of discovering its rich architecture, much of which dates back hundreds of years. An excellent example of this is Dam Square, home to the intricately designed Royal Palace which served as the city hall between 1655 and 1809. Also worth a visit is the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, which is considered the oldest in the world after being established in 1602.


Known to many as the city of love, Paris is a stunning city to explore and has always been an irresistible draw for romantics and cultural enthusiasts alike. The latter head to the French capital partly for the famous landmarks, with the dominating Eiffel Tower and the gothic Cathedral Notre Dame among the catalogue of famous buildings which can be discovered while gliding along the Seine. There’s also the Louvre to mention, the famous home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, among nearly 35,000 other exhibits for you to explore along the way. A popular sight for history fans is Les Invalides – a complex of museums and monuments which relate to French naval history; it is the home of the sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte, who is undoubtedly one of the most famous Frenchmen of all time.


The capital and largest city of Austria, Vienna remains a popular destination because of its rich relationship with classical music; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Hadyn and Ludwig van Beethoven are among the famous composers which have links with the city. This association has continued to this day, with performances from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra renowned all over the world; it’s well worth booking a show during your visit. Vienna too has its fair share of fantastic architecture, with the Hofburg Palace, Schronbrunn Palace and St. Stephen’s Cathedral among the places worth capturing on your camera.

Thom Sanders