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The Truth About 6 Pack Abs

The truth about 6 pack abs is – don’t waste your too much of your time on ab exercises like crunches or sit ups, and slow boring cardio! The key to getting those ripped abs or losing your beer gut is to focus on the following –

The Truth About 6 Pack Abs:

1. Nutrition is the king of abs and fat loss. If you want abs or a flat stomach, then you need to lower your body fat count. to do that, you need to eat less high calorie and fatty foods. If you continue your daily diet of bad calories, you will add more body fat. Even the best of workouts or crunches will not burn enough to get the fat off your body. So eat smart, and shop wisely for your foods.

2. Drink less energy drinks, sugary beverages and alcohol.

3. According to The Truth About 6 Pack Abs ebook, training hard with variable intensities is the go – focus on high intensity aerobic training like interval training, and for strength training, get into multi-joint exercises. These two combination will burn more body fat, and work your core muscles more!

4. Throw out the junk foods from the pantry, and opt for healthier options like fruits, a handful of raw nuts or low fat yogurt. In other words, the fresher the food, the better it is.

5. Lastly, The truth about 6 pack abs is – your diet and workout does not have to be perfect. If you take action and stay consistent with your improved habits, you will go a long way to losing that body fat.

Bryan Xylo