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The Importance of Good Posture When Working In An Office

With more and more people sitting at desks and in offices for work, the occurrence of back problems, recurring pain and bad posture is becoming more and more frequent. While ergonomic chairs, monitor risers and health and safety experts are commonplace, helping employees sit in the correct manner, such time sat at a desk in one position is not natural and can therefore lead to problems.

This is where the importance of good posture comes in. By sitting correctly and understand how the body should be positioned, it will not only reduce the likelihood of problems in later life but it also offers other benefits. A good posture will help improve how we feel while sat at work, but also helps to keep the back muscles and spine in the right alignment so that the likelihood of pain or back aches is reduced.

Firstly, it’s important to define what good posture actually is. When sat a desk, the lower back should be sufficiently supported so that there is no strain on the muscles. Your feet should also be flat on the floor and your eyes level with the top of your monitor. Ideally your forearms should be perpendicular with your body too. All of this may be difficult to achieve without the use of ergonomic accessories such as screen risers, foot rests or back supports.

When all of these aspects are brought together, your body should be properly supported so that no muscles are straining or under pressure. It’s also worth noting that you should still regularly get up, walk around and stretch, rather than remain sitting for extended periods of time.

So what is the importance of a good posture, apart from reducing aches and pains? One benefit is that it actually helps improve breathing and airflow through the body. By straightening your body, the airways are less restricted and the lungs can work to full capacity. So a good posture will help you take in more air and feel better as a result.

Another advantage of good posture is purely aesthetic, but it can also help you feel good within yourself. Many of us, while sat at a desk or when standing, slouch without really realising it. However, good posture helps us to look taller, leaner and much better; this not only makes us feel better but presents a better image to others too.

Keeping good posture is something that all of us should strive to achieve and does not take on enough importance in many working environments. However, with a few simple steps it is easy to improve posture and overall health.

Rebecca S Black