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The Hidden Gem of Colombia: Parque Tayrona and Its Turqouise Seas

If there is such thing as heaven on Earth then Parque Tayrona would qualify. Playa de Cabo San Juan in Parque Tayrona, Colombia sings and dances its beauty; with big boulder bluffs that loom over seas of playful turquoise waves. There are no cars, roads or hotels. Accommodations include camping, land hammocks, and hammocks in a hut overlooking the sea.

Travelers from all over the world can be found lounging on the shores of Cabo San Juan. The far shore is designated for swimming in the nude. You can get to Tayrona by paying $3.50 for a taxi from Santa Marta, but be prepared for a 2-hour hike down the mountain to the sea. You can also take a boat from Taganga for $22. The boat is manned by adventurous Colombianos who love to push it just a bit too far. After about a half-hour of getting some huge air on ginormous ocean swells, the boat motor seized and we had to take a little break from our way-faring fun. We, of course, eventually made it to our destination.

After securing ourselves some hammocks on hammock hut rock, Lulu and I practiced “hot” yoga and body-surfing over on the far beach. The waves are spectacular on that beach and it is least visited of them all. If you like the surf of the SoCal beaches, then you will love this shore – it has similar waves, but the water temperature is probably 10 degrees warmer. Later, we joined some French friends for dinner and an early snooze in our hammocks overlooking the sea. If you sleep at Playa San Juan, be sure to bring sweaters because the breeze is cold at night.

For a sunrise that will make you thank God that you are alive, open your eyes around 5 a.m. Other hammock dwellers will be up and rousing around at that time as well, so it won’t be very hard to wake up this early. In fact, the excitement of this spectacular site is so contagious that I am not sure how one could slumber through it. This is a definite worth it moment.

Lillian L Pierson