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Read this Article if You Have a Fear of Drowning

One of the Biggest Fears appears to be the fear of drowning. Unfortunately when Hurricanes Strike more people die of drowning than from the wind itself or something falling on them. The fear of drowning appears to be universal to all humans. People do not want to drown to death. The fear of drowning comes almost as high as the fear of being burned to death from the actual flames. Generally in structure fires folks die from smoke inhalation well before they actually burn.

More people in natural disasters die from drowning than any other way. Even Earthquakes often take out dams and the water rushes in drowning victims who other wise would have made out okay. Needless to say drowning to death is a very common fear and one that you are not alone in having. Many of people worst bad dreams are said to be drowning nightmares. Even people who are good swimmers are afraid of drowning. It is a highly innate human fear indeed.

The fear of drowning is one fear, which is okay, because it is such a natural fear. In fact the US Navy Seal Teams spend a lot of time training to overcome the fear of drowning and those who cannot pass are expelled from the competition to become Navy Seal Team Members. If you fear drowning the most important thing is to know where this fear comes from if you wish to overcome it. Think on this.

Lance Winslow