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Kidney Failure : Causes and Ways To Prevent

You might have seen your friends or family members who suffered from kidney failure cases. Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are very common causes of renal failure. Both the diseases are caused by consuming high fat foods and high sodium diets. It is good to be aware of the actions that we can take to reduce the risk of having renal disease.

Kidneys are the 2 bean shaped structures below our abdomen. Our blood stream contains water and nutrients. It is important to maintain the proper balancce of water and nutrients. Botht the kidneys are responsible for carrying out these functions. When they are unable to get rid of the excess waste and water this leads to kidney failure. Swelling of ankles and feet, weight gain, itching, nausea, dizziness and tiredness are a few symptoms.

When to take dialysis.?

In some cases the kidneys are damaged and even a possible repair is not going to help. Then the patient’s last resort is always a dialysis. The dialysis process involves usage of a machine that performs filtration. This cannot be done in single visit. You may be asked to visit your doctor every week for a a regular checkup.

There are two types of diabetes. Diabetes 1 and diabetes 2. Diabetes 1 is a result from an inappropriate response from the immune system. This happens when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin required to transport sugar from blood to the cells. Diabetes 2 usually develops in the later stages of life. In both the diabetes high levels of sugar circulate through the bloodstream, which can cause severe damage to most of the organs. In diabetic kidney disease more albumin is found in the urine. As the albumin amount increases, filterring function starts to drop. This will lead to rise in blood pressure as well.

 High blood pressure is the second vilain in the renal failure case. This is related to arterial disease and high sodium content in the diet which comes from high fat foods. High blood pressure damages the blood vessels leading to the kidneys and troubles the filtration. The best way to prevent this is to improve the diet and do regular exercise. Do regular checkup and make sure the blood pressure is normal.

Kidneys won’t show all the symptoms at the early stages, sometimes it won’t even show any symptoms when it is almost 90% damaged. This disease sometimes may take many years to cause health problems. So it is better to know the threats early and take precautions. Here are a ew reasons how kidney failure canmake your life miserable :

1. Kidneys won’t be able to support the healthy state of your body any longer.

2. Only 10-15 percent functioning

3. Usually the diagnosis takes 5 to 7 years.

But never worry, I will tell you three easy precautions you could take.

1. Regularly check the blood glucose level.

2. While sitting back at home you could check and control the blood pressure.

3. Follow the diet prescribed by your doctor.

In otherwords, the better a person keeps his/her diabetes and blood pressure under control, the lower the chance of kidney failure.

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