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Internal And External Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Bleeding hemorrhoids although not particularly serious are not nice to have as they may cause stress and even embarrassment to the sufferer, with this in mind it is natural that most people want to stop them from bleeding as soon as they can and prevent it from happening again.

Whatever type of hemorrhoids you may have whether they are internal or external, or the two together, both types can begin bleeing, it is best to begin some form of treatment as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening or even getting infected.

External hemrrohoids are usually more painful than internal types this is because they are usually located on or around the very sensitive nerves that occur on the anal sphincter.

Conversely, internal hemroids occur where there are a lot less nerves, for this reason external hemorrhoids symptoms are more readily detected due to pain and anal itching well before they start to bleed, when it does happen bright red blood will be noticed on body waste, toilet tissue or in underwear, which will also be the same if internal hemorrhoids begin to bleed.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatments

The first thing to do if you have bleeding hemorrhoids is to make sure that you never become constipated as this will make them a whole lot worse and will slow down the healing process considerably.

If you have constipation then it will do no harm in the first instance to take a laxative to ease the situation, do not rely on laxatives as a long-term solution though as they will do you no good at all.

A change in diet is all that is required to avoid being constipated, make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and enough fiber, cut down on items that can cause binding in the stomach, eggs is a good example particularly if they are hard-boiled.

You can also help make sure you are getting enough fiber by using supplements like psyllium husks or maybe bran cereal, products such as these add essential bulk to body waste helping it to retain water and therefore keeping it soft allowing for easy passage through the anal opening without any straining.

Water intake is also essential in maintaining healthy bowels, make sure you drink plenty every day to assist the digestive system, lack of water will cause body waste to become hard and compacted which is something you must avoid.


The best medications for treating bleeding internal hemorrhoids are only available by prescription from a doctor as these must only be used under medical supervision, these are commonly called vasoconsrtictors, do not betempted to buy such things yourself from the internet as they will not be FDA approved.

Do not use anything that is specifically for external hemorrhoids internally be sure to read the packaging and instructions

A safe treatment you can use are the new types of Cryogenic products, although they are not a cure they may bring some pain relief and help to stop the bleeding by shrinking the blood vessels by the coldness of the device.


Bleeding hemorrhoids remedies usually contain ingredients that constrict blood vessels to help stem the bleeding, they may also contain some form of anesthetic for pain relief. Be sure to read the ingredients on the label if you have allergies to certain things such as wool for example, as many products may contain lanolin.
After about a week of using any of the above mentioned products, your hemorrhoids continue to bleed or is seen to get worse you should seek a doctors help as soon as possible.

It should also be noted that a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid (one that can be seen hanging outside the anus) should be looked at by a doctor as soon as possible also as it may become infected if not properly treated, this is due to the powerful muscle in the sphincter shutting off the blood supply by constriction.

If a prolapsed hemroid begins to bleed, use a remedy recommeded for internal hemorrhoids as it is still by definition classed as internal.

Anna Johnson