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Dressing For Dance Lessons: What You Should Wear During Your Class

Dance lessons are fun and are a great way to burn some calories and help get your body healthy. However, if you’ve never taken a class before, you might not be sure what to wear during your lesson. Whether you’re taking a ballet class, a hip hop lesson or anything in between, here’s what type of wardrobe you can be expected to have.

What To Wear For Ballet Dance Lessons

If you’re a female taking a ballet class, you’ll need some special attire. Many studios ask that female students purchase a black leotard, pink or white tights and pink shoes. Others are more flexible, but still ask that each student choose a leotard and tights so that the instructor can easily see the lines of each dancer’s body. Some studios will also allow female students to wear a skirt or tutu, but it’s important to ask before you decide to include it in your attire. Females should also pull their hair back from their face in a bun because this allows the instructor to see the movements in the neck.

Males have very different clothing requirements for ballet. Men should wear a white dance shirt, with a pair of special black dance tights or pants. These pants should fit tightly so that an instructor can easily see the movements in the legs. It’s also important for males to wear a dancer’s belt, which is similar to a jock strap. Men’s ballet shoes are typically black, but whatever you do, don’t plan on wearing a pair of street shoes. Street shoes won’t allow you to point your toes.

What To Wear For Hip Hop Classes

Hip hop dance lessons have very different requirements than a ballet class. Tight fitting clothing is a negative here because tight clothing will restrict movements. Instead, both men and women should wear clothes that are baggier, such as athletic pants, long shorts and T-shirts and the long pants or shorts will help protect the knees from being scraped during movements on the floor. The right type of footwear is also important — look for a pair of athletic shoes that will not mark or scar the studio’s floor.

What To Wear For Jazz Dance Lessons

Jazz dance lessons typically allow students a little more freedom. Female students will be allowed to use a leotard and different colored tights or even bra tops and jazz shorts. The shorts should be tight fitting and short enough so that the instructor is able to see most of the leg. Special shoes are also recommended — it’s possible to go barefoot, but most teachers don’t recommend going barefoot as it’s easy to get blisters and sore feet when dancing without shoes.

The right type of clothing is vital if you’re going to get serious about dance lessons. Whether you’re taking ballet, hip hop or jazz classes, make sure to ask your teacher what clothing you should have before the class. This will ensure that you’re ready for the lesson the instant it starts, which is something all instructors will appreciate.

Chris A. Harmen