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Digestion Is the Foundation of Our Health

Digestive disorders are among the top health complaints in the United States. Since the integrity of the digestive system lays the foundation of a person’s overall health and immune function, it is the first issue that is addressed when visiting a holistic healthcare practitioner.

Our stomach and intestinal system is where it all really happens…

– Disinfects and breaks down the food we eat so that nutrients can be sent out to the organs, glands, tissue and bone for repair and nourishment
– Home to beneficial bacteria that govern our immune system and health
– Houses the enteric nervous system or ‘second brain’ which is now thought to affect hippocampus function in the brain
– Reabsorbs water and mineral ions
– Receives waste products to be processed and cleared from the body

So, when this busy system breaks down, the entire body is affected in profound ways. A list of common health issues that are directly related to digestive dysfunction include:

Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity

IBS, Crohn’s, Constipation, Acid Reflux, Bloating

Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema

Sleep Disorders / Fatigue

Depression / Anxiety

Memory / Cognitive Impairment

Dental Problems

Autoimmune Disorders / Fibro / Lupus / Cancer

Chronic Pain / Spine Issues

Eye / Vision Problems

Correcting these issues begins with supporting the stomach with adequate Hydrochloric Acid to disinfect and break down foods. Digestive enzymes may be needed to assist in breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and to protect and heal the intestinal lining from foods that contain gluten. Anti-infective herbs and nutrients may be used to remove pockets of infection from the intestinal walls. Restorative nutrients, probiotics and prebiotics are used to repair the damaged gut wall and promote healthy bacterial balance.

By repairing and restoring digestive function, many chronic health issues will reverse on their own as the body heals itself. Even food allergies and gluten intolerance can be healed with several months of nutrient and food therapy. Foods can be reintroduced slowly as the digestive system heals. There’s no reason to avoid foods that cause digestive distress forever. The most severe digestive disorders, bloating, acid reflux and constipation can often be reversed in just a few months of therapy.

You’re not only healing your gut system; you’re allowing the entire body to receive nutrients so that every organ and gland can function at the highest capacity… this is the foundation of physical and mental health.

Kathy Veon