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Cricket a passionate sport

It is ones innate feeling to express their passions for something and it could also be a sport like cricket. Sometimes it becomes unexpressive that how much you are passionate about something. Cricket is one of those sports which is very famous among Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal and many more. However, the thrilling feature of cricket makes it to be loved by people all around the world such as England, New Zealand and Australia. Moreover, USA and Ireland also have their cricket teams but they are not nominated at international cricket standard due to quality of players.

Cricket has been categorized in three formats by the time. Earlier people loved to watch test matches and then one day but today T-20 cricket matches are seem to be popular of all. The crowd becomes bigger than ever once people get to see an interesting cricket match played between two rivals such as India and Pakistan.  A team has eleven players in it and each one of them is assigned to be in their respective positions and perform their level best.

World cup is one of the most favorite for all and everyone loves to watch it with great eager. Numbers of teams from different countries throughout the world participate and are then categorized in groups. World Cup is played after every four years and the winning team is awarded with a cup and many other prizes according to the performance of the players. Nevertheless, the runner up team also gets rewarded for the performance of their team.

Pakistan is one of those countries who has won the world cup and it was the year 1992 in the month of March 25th when Green team got rewarded internationally at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The match was won under the supremacy of well-known personality Imran Khan defeating England by 22 runs. The stadium was full of spectators with strong motivation for both teams. This world cup final will be unforgettable to the people of Pakistan as the two great cricketers made the history to make the name of Pakistan and handed over a target of 250 scores to the opponent team. Pakistan at the initial level had only done with seventy runs but the score got accelerated by 139 runs soon after thirty first over begin. Thus, Imran Khan and Javed Miandad kept up the partnership steady.

Imran khan scored 72 with a huge six hitting ball off the boundary while Javed Mianded scored 58 runs and then Inzamam and Wasim Akram scored 42 and 33 respectively giving England a target of 250 to chase. The target was tough enough to compete for England and Green team tried their effort to turn the game in their favor and finally with the best performance of the team players, England couldn’t defeat Pakistan.

From then and now passion for cricket among youngsters of Pakistan is increasing day by day and today we can see cricket as a sport played at every street in Pakistan among different age groups. So the passion of cricket in Pakistan is never going to die rather it gets sparked day to day.

Mukesh Kumar