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Best Yoga poses To Reduce Tummy Fat

Many people in this world suffer from belly fat increment. Therefore, many workouts are available nowadays that help to reduce tummy fat effectively. Today, yoga is becoming much popular among people since it categorized as great weight reducing tool so gradually that individuals show more interest towards learning yoga.

Yoga primarily includes breathing exercises and a group of yoga postures or asana. Pranayam and kapalbhati are contained in breathing exercise. By various breathing postures of yoga contraction and growth of the abdominal muscles of the body happens and proper air circulation within the body takes place. These techniques therefore strengthen the ab muscles and also make them very flexible. Besides these yogic breathing exercises also assist in burning more and more calories in your body as there is more oxygen open to burn them.

Side Stretches

To do the side stretches, you need to stand straight. Keep your feet apart, at the shoulder’s width. Raise one arm over your head and lean to that side as far as possible. Repeat this with the other arm. You should feel the strain on the side of your belly, since that is where the fat burns off, with the help of this exercise.

Straight Leg Lift

Lie down straight on your back, on a yoga mat. Place a thin book or other block between your inner thighs. Now, slowly, bring your legs straight up, with the feet pointing toward the ceiling, and without the knees bending. Keeping the back pressed to the ground, maintain this position for a few seconds, before bringing the legs down without bending.

 Locust Pose

This is the best yoga to reduce belly fat. Lie down flat on your yoga mat, with your face facing down. Stretch out your legs and arms as far wide as possible. Keeping both arms and legs absolutely straight, lift the head, arms, chest and legs all at the same time. Maintain this position for a few seconds before slowly lowering all parts simultaneously.

Bridge Pose

This pose is very helpful in burning the belly fat as well as building the muscles of the abdomen. Lie flat on your back on your yoga mat. Bend the knees and keep your feet apart from each other. Your arms should be straight by the side of your body. Now lift your torso off the ground, leaving your head, arms and feet planted right where they are. This is also best yoga exercise for weight loss.

Modified Wheel

Another tremendous yoga posture, this one is great for reducing belly fat too. Lie flat on your back on your yoga mat. Bend the knees and keep the feet a little apart from each other. Keep your feet and palms flat on the ground. Now lift your hips and torso up towards the ceiling. Maintain the position for a few seconds. Gently lower the body back to the ground.

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