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Best Ways of Marinating Chicken

If you want your chicken to be tasty, you must know how to marinate it perfectly. The ingredients used for marinating the chicken pieces will vary depending on the dish you are planning to prepare. One thing you must never forget to do is washing all the pieces you will be marinating meticulously using lukewarm water. Chicken purchased from a reputable meat store usually does not contain any dirt; but that should not stop you from washing the pieces at least once before marination. Read through the section below carefully for learning different ways of marinating chicken.

Milk Products for Marination

Milk products are used for marinating pieces of white meat primarily when we plan to deep fry them. Yogurt is a milk product used frequently for marinating chicken; it is used mostly by people living in the eastern hemisphere. The milk products that are often used for this purpose by people in the west are regular milk and butter milk. Both yogurt and butter milk possess the ability of giving chicken or any other kind of white meat a strong, but pleasant creamy flavor. To make the marination even more effective, the milk product can be seasoned using chili flakes, garlic powder or chopped garlic, chopped onion, hot sauce or just by applying small pinches of pepper and salt. Marinate the chicken for 20 to 30 minutes before you move to the next step.

Citrus Marinade

You can use citrus juice for marinating chicken, if you want to tenderize the meat while adding fresh flavors to them. A combination of black pepper, tarragon, chopped garlic and lemon juice will offer great results to people looking to add European flavors to the dish. Another blend that will surely be loved by all your family members is a chicken marinade prepared by combining thyme, parsley, scallions and orange juice. Citrus marinades show best results when used to prepare the meat before grilling or roasting.Wine Marinade

When it comes to marinating chicken, you should never use the low quality “cooking wine” available on the market. You will get the desired results only if you use a wine variety that you will love to drink. Ideally, the wine you pick should be a soft and fruity red wine. Red wine will give your chicken pieces a purplish tinge and make your dish appear more exciting. You can also use a high quality white wine for this purpose, but only when cooking a gravy item. Items bought from the fresh food store, for instance, onion, garlic and green chilly can also be added to the marinade for enhancing its flavor.

Mehul G Brahmbhatt