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10 Reasons To Start Lifting Weights

Do you want a life with reduced stress a better night’s sleep, a physique to be proud of and an overall positive mindset?  Then make strength training a part of your life.

Strength training is not just about pumping iron, it can add benefits you are probably unaware of.

  1. Stoke Up Your Metabolism.  The simple action of lifting weights does some amazing things to your resting metabolic rate (this being the amount of calories your body burns everyday to maintain your body in its current state).  Combine this with good nutrition and say goodbye to those extra pounds that cardio won’t shift.
  2. Results for All.  Regardless of your final goal, whether it’s to build muscle or lose body fat you can get a program to fit.  And as we age our muscle mass declines so everyone can benefit from lifting some weight regularly.
  3. Resilience.  Do you want to reduce the incidence of injury? then lift weights.  The supporting tissue, tendons and ligaments get a workout as well so you’ll move better no matter what you’re doing.
  4. Put On A Happy Face.  Research is proving that that weight training has a positive effect on your mental state by releasing those mood-enhancing endorphins.
  5. Boost Your Bone Density.  Another important benefit especially as we age is to maintain strong and healthy bones.  By lifting weights you can reduce the chances of fractures and even halt the loss of bone density.
  6. Unexpected Cardio.  Are you sick of being a hamster on a wheel and never feel like you’re getting anywhere?  Think about increasing the intensity of a workout by taking shorter rest periods, so you keep your heart rate elevated.  Resistance training workouts don’t need to be long grinding sessions, keep them short and punchy and you’ll get a stronger heart and lungs as well as healthy muscles.
  7. Feel Better About Your Body.  A lifting program will improve your body image.  When you look better you feel better and vice versa.  Recording your progress in a journal or taking before and after pictures can all contribute to staying motivated but also a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished.
  8. It’ll do Wonders for Your Posture.  Resistance training will improve your co-ordination, movement and strengthen the muscle involved in keeping your body upright.  No more slouching and hunching your shoulders.  And when stand tall your look much thinner and healthier.
  9. Hitting the Hay.  A good session of exercise involving weight lifting (at least two hours before you go to bed) has been proven to help with sleep apnoea and insomnia.  After you’ve finished you won’t have much trouble in getting any sleep.  The great thing about rest is you’ll allow your body to build and repair.
  10. Those Old Pants Will Fit Again.  Everyone has a pair of pants or jeans hidden in the cupboard that haven’t seen the light of day in years.  Muscle tightens up your body whereas body fat takes up more space.  Who wouldn’t want a tighter, leaner body that fits back into those old pants?

So there you have it, a lifting program will impact your body in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.  Who wouldn’t want stronger bones, a clearer happier mind, fitter heart and lungs and better posture?  So get to it and start reaping the benefits today!

Darren Moroney