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Yearning For A Smoky Eye Effect? How To Create The Look

The eye is not only the organ of vision but also projects a glimpse of your personality. It is the most important part of your health. Girls often play with different eye styles by giving them various effects. Be it a social gathering, wedding or a night out with friends, styling the eyes have been a major factor. Smoky eyes have always been in vogue and are trending towards new and innovative techniques. It gives a sophisticated look. Many people are addled about giving that smoky eye effect. Well, there are various ways to make your eyes look lovely like never before.

Smoky Eye Effect – How to Create

Proper blending is the key to perfect smoky eyes. A good blended color gives a flawless look to your eyes. It is also important to pair light base color with dark colors. Mixes include a champagne base with blue, peach base with green, soft gold base with purple on top. These are some popular mixes that are often combined to give a smoky effect.

The time required is around 10 minutes.

Things you need:

• Eye primer

• Two eyeshadows (light and dark)

• Makeup brush

• Eyeliner

• Mascara

• Highlighter

Let’s Get Started!

• Prepare the lid – it is important to keep your eyeshadow from melting. Swipe the primer across the eye. Let it dry for some time before you move on to the next step.

• Applying the eyeliner – for a black, brown or gray smoky eye, draw a thick line with your liner above your eyelash in the middle of the eye with one of those colors that you have picked for the smoky eyes.

• Smudge the color on bottom lashes – using an eyeliner pencil is a must as it easily gets smudged. Run your finger gently over the eyes once you are done with the liner.

• Light base color over a darker hue – nice cream shade for the base works best.

• Time to blend the darker color – darker shadow shade is needed to give the smoky eye effect. Use an eye shadow brush to start blending. Make sure that the eyeliner disappears while blending.

Once you are done with the above steps, proceed for the final make-up.

• Get your eyes ready – applying a light colored concealer to the under eye and the top lids is a must.

• Liner – apply the eyeliner on the top and the bottom of your eyes. If you have small eyes then apply the liner from the middle of the eyes and if they are large then there are no hard and fast rules. Applying from corner to corner is just fine. For the people who are using liquid eyeliner; they can place dots on the lash line and calmly follow the dots to line your eye.

• Applying the eyeshadow – soften the edges of eyeliner with an eye shadow brush. Then blend the dark shadow with a soft brush or you can use your fingertips.

• Final touch – use of the lighter shadow in a neutral tone with a dry brush. Lastly apply two coats of mascara for the finishing touch. This completes the whole look of your eyes and makes you ready for the occasion.

Things to remember while you create a smoky eye effect:

• Choosing the colors – at least 2-3 colors of similar hues are needed to create the smoky look. Black and gray or bronze and brown are some commonly used colors.

• Use the right supplies – loose powders are best recommended for creating smoky eyes.

• Use pitch dark liners to emphasize the smoky look. Using cream or liquid liners gives a smooth finish.

• Enhancing your eyelashes makes your eyes more glamorous. Applying 2-3 coats of mascaras adds volume and length. For the bottom lashes, apply a minimal coat of the mascara.

Final Tips for the lovely eyes:

• Brighten up the dark eyeshadow. To make your eyes open clamp your eyelash curler for 10 seconds.

• It is advised not to pile up your makeup at once. Use only the required makeup, rather than using several products.

• Using the right shadows is mandatory. As for the smoke effect a minimum of two shadow is needed, a proper matching of the colors is required.

• A little highlighter work wonders for your eyes. White shimmery eye shadows add sparkle to your inner corners.

• It is recommendable not to go wild with your eyeshadow. The gray smoky eyes have forever been a classic makeup. A black shadow should be used in minimum quantity as the less you use it, the better you look.

• Add color to your cheeks. Blush can look pretty when combined with smoky eyes.

A number of ways have been provided to you on how to create a smoky eye effect. Follow these easy guidelines to have that smoky gorgeous effect.

Dr Sudip Bose