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White Lily Guards Our Beauty

White lilies, which grow in our flower gardens, are the perfect source for home made beauty aids. This miracle cure has been proved by generations of the beautiful. Flower petals are used to make different creams, lotions, cosmetic masks and perfumes. In order to extract sap from the petals they shall be finely cut (a meat chopper can be used for this purpose as well) wrapped in gauze and squeezed.

Bactericidal cream for oily skin. Ingredients: honey – 50g; glycerin – 80g; gelatin – 6g; salicylic acid – 1g; white lily petal sap – one table spoon.

Preparation: Pour lily sap into a cup and add gelatin. When the mixture “swells” add honey, glycerin and salicylic acid. Put the cup into a vessel with hot water and stir the mixture until it dissolves. Then cool the mixture and beat it up. The cream is ready.

Bleaching lotion. Ingredients: white lily petals – 2-3pcs; rose petals – 3-4pcs; fresh cucumbers – 5pcs; vodka – 0.5l. Grind petals and cucumbers, add vodka. Put the mixture into a dark place. The lotion will be ready in 3 weeks. All you have to do is to filter the tincture (pass it through a sieve) and put it into a fridge. Before the application mix 0.5 glass of the tincture with 0.5 glass of cool boiled water and add one table spoon of glycerin. Lotion’s shell live is one month (in the fridge).

Lotion for beaten up skin. Put 30g (one table spoon) of minced white lily petals into a cup and pour a glass of boiling water into it. After the lapse of 24 hours filter the solution and add 20g glycerin. The lotion is ready. Wipe your face and neck. Useful time of the solution is 10-14 days. Then it’s recommended to make a new one.

Mask for problematic and oily skin. The mask is made using yeast and yields excellent results. It removes black spots from your skin and pulls flabby and porous skin together.

Preparation: Mix 2 tea spoons of yeast with a three-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. When the mixture becomes as thick as sour cream add one table spoon of white lily sap and stir the mixture. The mixture shall be applied immediately. Clean your face before applying the mask and rub the mixture on the most problematic areas of your skin. Fifteen minutes after the mask has become dry it must be removed. Then wash your face first with warm and then with cool water.

White lily admirers can be recommended to make exclusive perfume using the beloved flower. So, put a piece of gauze into a small stew pan so that it overlaps the brims of the pan. Put one glass of minced white lily flowers there, pour 2 glasses of cool water, cover the stew pan with a lid and leave it for 10-12 hours. Then remove gauze with the flowers, squeeze its contains into the stew pan and put it on a slow fire to evaporate the solution. The process is slow and can be considered completed when the solution in the pan has reduced to a table spoon of liquid. This will be your home made perfume which shall be poured into a small bottle made of dark glass. Keep it in a dark place. Storage life is 1 – 1,5 months.

Love your white lilies and they will help you become more beautiful.

Artem Kushneryk