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White- Colour of the Season!

White is predominantly a colour that complements practically every girl.

Your Little Black Dresses have taken a backseat! Like your blacks, your little white dress is equally versatile and trendy. It is up to you to stylize it and add pizzazz to the dress. Everyone wears white but how does one make it unique?

Selecting the right white dress for your body frame, might be a humongous task, but fret not, as long as we are there! The sequined white bodycon dress does wonders to your look and makes you look sophisticated and utterly gorgeous. Let the serene colour do the talking! A metallic necklace or chunky bracelets can act as accessories to maximize the awesomeness of your outfit.

After selecting the right white dress, you need to amp it up fashionably! Pair up your white dress with a broad bright yellow or midnight blue belt. It accentuates your waist and makes your svelte figure. Shiny earrings and nude peep-toe pumps add bling in your party dress! Jabong Online Shopping invites you to check out their collection of party dresses!

For additional flair, opt for a blazer, jacket or a shrug on your white dress. It adds on a serious vibe to your stylish dress in your work environment. It helps in colder mornings too and keeps the playful look on. Worth it, isn’t it? Keep your outerwear in a dark shade which creates a welcome contrasting hue.

White jeans or trousers are also in vogue these days. Push your dark jeans into hibernation and let your whites take center-stage. Go for pastel colours like yellow, orange or bright red to complement with your pair of white jeans. Toss on a vest or a denim jacket for a laidback look. Wear flats or sandals in neutral shades like tan, brown, black or beige to keep it simple and cool. Don on chunky necklaces or bracelets in vibrant colours to get a buoyant aura around you. Dump all your belongings in a colourful sling bag and get a thumbs up from the fashion police.

If not your outfit, you can still add white in your ensemble. Go for a smart and sleek clutch in bright colours of red, green or yellow. You can also sling on a hobo or tote bag, if clutches don’t suit your taste. Steve Madden presents an array of whites in their range of footwear. Towering stilettoes or killer heels add on height and gives you a rather flattering figure.

The rule of the thumb while carrying off your whites is that anything matches with white but you do not want to get caught being too drab and plain.

Look adorable like a snow bunny in your whites, this season!