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What to Wear in 2014

It’s a new year and with a new year comes the chance for reinventing yourself. There’s no better place to start a new you than with a new look with your wardrobe. Changing up your look this year could be just what you need to get 2014 started off right. But first let’s look at the trends that should be left in 2013.


Crop Tops: NO. MORE. CROP. TOPS. This look is definitely out for 2014. The only people that really pulled off this look in 2013 was like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, other than that no one looked good in a crop top. You mostly saw girls at music festivals and the ultimate Cali girl wearing these, but in 2014 more is more. Leaving little to the imagination was a 2013 trend not making it to 2014. Put more clothes on this year ladies!

Peplums: The peplum was everywhere last year; they were on dresses, shirts and jackets. But according to a lot of fashion experts, the peplum look is so last year! So if you have all things peplum you should probably get rid of a few and wear your favorite peplum moderately this year. Peplums are great for hiding that belly, so when you’re feeling not so hot, a peplum is sure to make you look great. But keep the peplums to a minimum to keep with this year’s trends.

Worn/Washed Out Jeans: Raw denim in mid-toned blue and the occasional unfinished hem is looming on the fashion horizon for jeans. It’s a look that’s more accessible than the almost universally unflattering high-waisted, acid-washed cutoff jeans that had many cringeworthy moments in 2013. The high-wasted, butt cheek bearing jean shorts that were so “in” in 2013 will longer be fashion acceptable so throw those OUT.

Cutouts: The revealing cutout details of 2013 dresses have been replaced by sheer fabric. In 2014 sheer paneling and insets are going to appear for the spring season. This goes along with the 2014 trend of more is more. Showing less skin is out, so throw out all those cut out dresses and tops. You can switch to dresses or shirts with sheer paneling.


Sheer: Since crop tops and cutouts our out for 2014, sheer paneling is coming in a big way. This season’s peek-a-boo detailing is a mix of sweet meets sporty. 2014 will be all about the tease rather than just showing it all off. This trend is great for dresses and going out tops. Show people what you’re working with without actually showing them.

Collared Shirts: The crisp, menswear-inspired dress shirt enjoys a makeover with inventively cool, contrasting color and/or textured collars and cuffs. This elevated wardrobe essential is perfect for sneakily kicking up your work outfit. This style has at least one great advantage: it can make you look neat and elegant without effort, especially on those days you don’t have time to put into your hair or makeup. It is sort of like the spring version of striped T-shirts in summer.

Bomber Jackets: These jackets will be a great alternative to your regular light spring coat or trench coat. The sporty layering pieces get edgier for spring with adventurously colorful prints, luxe textures and fabrics, and sporty-cool detailing-like mesh weaving and perforations. The bomber jacket is ultra versatile; wear it with a dress or add an athletic chicness by pairing it with dressy shorts. The fashion-edgy sporty look is coming in a big way in 2014.

Wide-Leg Pants: Seems like the skinny pant isn’t going to be the only fashion option this year. Easy to wear and ultra-chic, billowy wide-leg trousers made a huge showing on the spring runways. I know what you’re thinking and, no, this trend isn’t just for six-foot-tall supermodels, I swear. Just look for a pair that’s leaner on the flare and higher-waisted to elongate your frame.

Take these tips and recreate your look for 2014. Start fresh and make this year a fashion forward year for you. Start your shopping now and you’ll be ready to show off your new self for the spring.

Veronica Rodriguez