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What Should You Expect From Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is becoming quite popular nowadays and it is considered as one of the most patient pleasing surgeries done by plastic surgeons. Women who opt for this type of surgery generally have very large breast. Their large breast might cause shoulder discomfort and chronic neck or back pain. The surgery is also done in case of skin irritation or rashes on large breasts. Patients have reported that their large breast interfere with their daily activities.

Just like other plastic surgical procedures, a balance is maintained between the positioning and improvement in the size of the breasts. A balance is maintained in complications related to breast surgery like the potential loss of sensation, the resulting scars, resulting improvement up next, shoulder and back symptoms. The satisfaction level is quite high among the patients and there are no side effects of this surgery.

One of the most basic questions which should be figured out before the surgery is the resulting size of the breast. Every woman choosing for the surgery has different goals and desire.  Some may wish to have smaller breast while others may go for size, which is proportionate to the remainder of their body.

To achieve the desired results, proper discussions should be made by the surgeons. The communication between the surgeon and patient should be very clear and comfortable. The terminology related to breast such as “C cup”, “natural”, “top heavy” or “fake looking” have totally different meanings for different people. So, these terms have proved to be completely unhelpful.

The size of the cups also varies depending on the manufacturers of the bras therefore avoid discussing the desired cup size as it is inaccurate. Chest width of every patient varies, so if a woman has a wide chest then it will be impossible to achieve smaller width or size.

An expert surgeon will first have a communication with the patient. This way a patient will be able to demonstrate in detail what she wants to achieve and the look which is undesirable. The pictures are drawn virtually and considering those images the surgeons operates. This system helps the surgeons to achieve the patient’s goals in the best possible way.

One thing you must understand before getting a breast reduction surgery is that no matter how much communication and efforts are made, no surgeon can predict the actual size that will be off the breast after the surgery. This happens because there is no direct correlation between the ultimate cup size that a patient will wear and the amount of tissue removed during the surgery.

For women who want to reduce the size of the breast as small as possible, it is advisable that they should consider certain points before the surgery. They should be aware of the fact that is possible to reduce the breast size quite significantly. In some cases, the surgery is done in two stages to achieve the best possible result.

There are chances that a patient might face dissatisfaction after the breast reduction surgery. For such situations, breast augmentation (with breast implants) is an excellent option to achieve the desired shape, size and firmness of the breast.

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