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What Does Your Skirt Say About You?

Nothing says both flirty and sweet better than a cute girl wearing a skirt. We all know it’s feminine and pretty and all that, but what message does this send to the guys? Let’s take a minute or two to learn about the different kinds of skirts and what it says about you.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts hug your body perfectly, which implies you are confident enough to flaunt your shape and figure. Its length falls from the waist to below the knees or until mid-calf, so it does not say slutty at all. Pencil skirts are for slim and skinny figures. It’s sexy without showing a lot of legs.

Bubble Skirt

The bubble skirt has the hem tucked under the back, creating a bubble effect. It expresses your fun side and shows that you are unafraid to experiment and try bold new things.

Maxi Skirt

The maxi is a long skirt, falling from the waist to the ankle, and not showing any legs. It showcases a woman who does not need to compromise comfort for style. This woman, perhaps with a hint of Boho and gypsy in her, knows she can still be trendy without putting in too much effort.

Mini Skirt

A very popular choice amongst women who want to look sexy and show that they are confident. The mini skirt was called a mini for a very obvious reason; its length falls above the knee, sometimes a lot shorter. It’s most commonly worn by young girls who are confident and have strong personalities.

Tulip Skirt

The tulip skirt can accentuate your curves and show off your figure the way you want it. It was a big hit during the 80s with a wide band around the base of the skirt and was designed to look like a tulip to create a sexier illusion and highlight a woman’s body shape.

Circle Skirt

This is the little black dress of skirts, perfect for any occasion, and will work any time of the day. It has a flirty and flowy shape that you can wear both for work and parties, both for night and day, and is also perfect both for skinny and full-figured ladies.

Asymmetrical Skirt

This perfectly encapsulates a woman who is very feminine, a little playful, but still in control. An asymmetrical skirt shows off some skin, but does not bare everything for the whole world to see. She knows how to tease a little, but is smart enough not to give everything away.

Justin K Siebers