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Wedding nails

Wedding – an event that is waiting with trepidation every girl. In this important and solemn day the bride must be compelling, so every detail of her wedding gown, from dresses, veils and shoes and ending with a manicure, should be spotless and carefully chosen. Nice, neat manicure perfect wedding dress will complement the bride, give her image even more femininity and attractiveness.

Fashion is fickle nature’s hot long nails bright colors, and tomorrow it will be irrelevant. So what is wedding manicure 2013 year be most relevant?
Popular color schemes, modern manicure – it’s different shades of burgundy, red, violet, and gray and black.

In the fashion wedding of the year, a new trend – the velvet effect. The nails applied a special lacquer, which has the effect of velvet. Produced this paint different colors – berry, dark blue, cashmere. Nails look great!
Discovery of the season in 2013 was the “moon manicure”. Painting over the entire nail, on the basis of its distinct color stands out hole. Ideally it will look a manicure, if the entire nail is painted matte lacquer, and the base – glossy.
Many brides prefer the French manicure. He is not flashy and very refined. It’s a classic, so in 2013, a manicure is relevant.

Another unusual, interesting option for fashion and creative brides – Ombre effect. Basis for the creation of such a manicure, is the use of different shades of nail polish, from the lightest to the darkest. For example, if your little finger nail drove pink shades, then on his thumb he had almost red.
Also nails bride can be decorated in various patterns, which should be simple and catchy. This will give the bride’s hands and elegant well-groomed.

The length and shape of nails modern bride should be natural. Square, long island, unnatural nails are gone. Today in fashion short wedding manicure.
But every girl has the right, to decide for itself what manicure her choose a wedding – bright and colorful or natural and low-key. Most importantly, the bride felt the most beautiful, most charming and very happy. Now you have the minimum information about a wedding manicure. Choose a favorite design or create for yourself. Now there is a lot of material for the realization of your ideas – in a wedding manicure can be used sequins, Bulyonkov, mica, mica, liquid, lace, rhinestones, Swarovski stones, etc. m. It’s simple to enumerate. I wish you look adorable in one of the most important days of his life!

Inna Filipovska