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Wedding Dresses Trends To Lookout For In 2014

The interesting thing about wedding dresses is that there is a new trend every now and then, but they remain the same. Brides go through thousands of similar dresses before settling on one that they feel is special. There are different trend in different parts of the world. They depend on other fashion changes as well as weather changes.

In 2014, wedding dresses are obviously going to change a little from what is the norm. This is because fashion in itself has surprised everyone with new trends from old times. Most of the new trends are coming from the 70s and 80s. Therefore, even wedding dresses 2014 are bound to follow the same route.

  • Lace is back

Lace dresses, gowns and wedding dresses were famous in the 70s and 80s. As fate would have it, the fashion trends of today have many characteristics borrowed from that time. You will expect to see lace gowns a lot in 2014. Even if the gowns will not have been made fully with lace, they will have embellishments of lace in bits and pieces.

  • Wedding gown glam

Past trends have kept bling on wedding gowns minimal. The year 2014 is expected to have gowns with a lot of bling. This is especially on the bust area, waistline and on the hem. Blinged out veils are also expected in 2014.This is because most formal gowns in the current runway fashion circles and designer wedding dresses are coming laced with diamonds, sequins and other shiny embellishments.

  • Sleeves are popular now

Since the day Kate Middleton walked down the aisle with a sleeved gown, this has been the perfect example of modesty. Every bride with a wish to be modest is putting sleeves on their gown. This is going well with the lace themes that are also very popular for this time.

  • Coloured gowns

For those who are not traditionalists, there will be many coloured wedding dresses in 2014. The traditionalist belief that wedding gowns must be white is slowly fading away.

This is because cultures have become so many and lifestyles have changed. With the addition of same-sex weddings, what used to be conservatism has faded away and has been replaced by new age beliefs.

  • Short wedding gowns

In the past, long sweeping wedding gowns were the popular ones. With time, this has changed and some brides are not afraid to show a little skin. The trend of wearing short dresses is not new, however it is expected to be popular in 2014. This is especially with summer and spring weddings.

Sila Rodney