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Ways to Cope With Ear Ringing – Dealing With Tinnitus

Millions of people are suffering from tinnitus, a condition where one has persistent ringing, hissing or buzzing in one or two ears even without an external source. It can be a result of hearing loss or a damage in the auditory system. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain, the persistent ringing in the ears is a constant nuisance that can affect the quality of their lives. If sufferers failed to cope with ear ringing problems or tinnitus, it could take over their lives.

Tinnitus affects one’s quality of life because it is a constant sound that reaches one’s consciousness making it hard to ignore. In the long run, the constant ringing becomes more bothersome resulting to distress and depression. Dealing with persistent ear ringing can be very difficult because it affects one’s sleep, concentration and emotional being making daily life a struggle for people with tinnitus. So how one cope with ear ringing or tinnitus?

Share your feelings. People with tinnitus are often depressed and they need to share their feelings. One way to cope with ear ringing is to stop keeping it all bottled up inside you. It is best to seek counseling or get involve in a tinnitus help group where you can talk with other people who have the same ear ringing problems. You can share your feelings and at the same time learn more about different coping strategies from those who are successful in coping with tinnitus.

Avoid loud noises. Exposure to loud sound for long periods of time is one of the causes of tinnitus and if you are dealing with ear ringing on a daily basis, it is important to avoid loud noises to avoid your tinnitus from getting worse. Stay away from loud noises such as loud music, power tools, chain saws and factory noises. Replace or clean appliances and devices at home causing unwanted noises like electric fans, air conditioners, hair dryers etc. If you cannot stay away from loud noises, protect yourself by wearing earplugs or earmuffs. The avoidance of loud noises can help you cope with ear ringing problems and control your tinnitus.

Avoid too much silence. While you need to avoid loud noises, too much silence can be bad for your tinnitus because it makes tinnitus more noticeable. To cope with ear ringing, it is best to surround yourself with pleasant low volume sound like nature sounds (water, birds, rain etc.). These sounds are not only calming but they can hide tinnitus making it less noticeable. Ask your doctor about sound therapy using calming sounds that you can upload on devices that you can wear in your ears or you can put on your pocket or belt to play anytime wherever you are.

Get adequate sleep or rest. Some people have frequent tinnitus attack due to lack of sleep or poor night sleep. People with tinnitus find that it gets worse at the end of the day or early in the evening probably because it is the time that most people are already tired and fatigued. A good night sleep is very important for people with ear ringing problems. Getting adequate sleep and rest can be very helpful to cope with ear ringing problems. It is true that ear ringing can disturb one’s sleep and it can be really difficult to sleep soundly at night if there is a constant ringing in the ears. One remedy for this is the use of a small electrical device called maskers, a device producing soft low pitch sound louder than the tinnitus noise to mask tinnitus or make the ear ringing less noticeable. Putting maskers on your bedside could help you fall asleep.

Keep yourself busy with meaningful activities. When your mind is engaged in meaningful activities, you think less of your tinnitus or it makes you forget the ringing in your ears. To cope with ear ringing problems, keep an active mind and divert your focus on meaningful activities like solving puzzles, solving mathematics problems, learning foreign language, reading, writing, hand and crafts hobbies and outdoor activities like sports. When your mind is busy thinking and doing other things, tinnitus becomes less noticeable.

Reduce stress. To cope with ear ringing problems you need to manage your stress. Tinnitus can be triggered by stress and to control tinnitus you have to reduce the stress in your life. Relaxation is the best way to manage your stress. There are different forms of relaxation but no matter what form of relaxation works for you, it is important to give yourself time to relax every day. Breathing exercise is one form of relaxation that can help relieve stress. Focusing on your breathing rhythms is very soothing and has calming effect. Of course one best way to manage stress is to manage your activities properly. If your work is demanding and stressful, learn to delegate or do not commit to deadlines that are impossible to meet. At home, try to be organized and get some help if things are getting out of hand to save yourself from stressful situations.

Tinnitus is an uncomfortable condition but it is possible for people with tinnitus to lead a healthy and happy life once they’ve learned coping with tinnitus.

Gerry Restrivera

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