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Valentine’s Day Holidays in England

Throughout the long, cold days of January, it can be good to have something to look forward to, so why not start planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day? Here are just a few suggestions for places to take your loved one:

Stratford Upon Avon

The home of the bard, who many might say knew romance better than anyone. Take in one of Shakespeare’s romances in this quaint little town, and woo your loved one with words and wit. This February 14th, hopefully you and your partner will not be as blissfully unaware as the lovers in Shakespeare’s comedy, ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ (playing from the 1st January until the 12th March). Visit also the idyllic Mary Arden’s Cottage, and Shakespeare’s birthplace – perhaps you will find inspiration to compose the perfect ode for your loved one.


Wild and windswept Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast, may not seem the most obvious of romantic destinations, but there is something about the picturesque, Gothic vibe of the place that will have you reaching for each other and clinging tight. Buy some of the black jet for which Whitby is famous as a present, and settle back into one of the town’s cosy pubs for a few drinks after a bracing walk along the cliff tops. Protect your other half from vampiric visitors – this is, after all, the birthplace of the writer of ‘Dracula’.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen knew how to write about romance. From the hot passion of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, and the wild abandon of Marianne Dashwood, to the cool sense of her sister, Elinor and the cluelessness of Emma Woodhouse – there is no denying that Jane Austen and romance go hand in hand. Explore the gentile Georgian streets of Bath and imagine that you and your other half are in your own romantic novel. With a little luck it will be more ‘Pride and Prejudice’ than ‘Persuasion’.


Snuggle up in a cute little hotel, guesthouse or B&B in a small cove in Cornwall – take your pick of the many scenic towns and villages, keep a light burning in the window and look out for smugglers, then when you awake, head to a café for clotted cream scones and tea. The combination of quaintness and the wildness of the winter seas is a perfect recipe for romance.

Lake District

It may be wet and rainy – hence the many accumulations of water here, but the scenery, when viewed from a warm and homely pub or restaurant will surely invigorate the passions. Visit one of the pretty towns like Windermere or Kendal or one of the smaller villages, or head for the highest Inn in England. The rugged mountains and lovely lakes, meres and waters are perfect for a walk on a crisp winters day, so wrap up warm, and get out there to enjoy nature at its wildest and best.

Wherever you decide to go for Valentine’s Day in England, you are sure to find a cosy corner to cuddle up in with a lovely view.

Andrew A. Francis