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Use Eye Make -Up For Beautiful Eyes

Make up can change the appearance of the women at once based on the kind of the look they want to have, that’s is why it is very important to consider your eye -color when deciding on the make -up you want to apply. If you’re a kind of the women who love to grab the public attention or having the small size eye, then cool eye -up is the best choice that you can have. Eye- make up can give you bold, mysterious and entrancing look as attractive as the smokey eye make up or dramatic eye make-up. The main intention is to attract the viewer’s attention and hold it may be forever. You can give your eyes slightly wicked look by using the simple make -up tips with the application of both eye liner or eye shadow.

Cool Eye – Make Up

The eye make up also has an ability to create visual interest with the natural look. All you have to do is to add shimmer that goes for any color to match your eye shadow and make your eyes pop. Here are the steps to create dramatic eye. The following are the steps that can definitely help you to create an appealing eye – make up . The first step include applying an eye shadow base to your entire eye area. Ensure that you select your favorite light eye shadow color and apply it from the lid upward to the brow bone. Shimmer colors will definitely work well for this. It is important to know that applying a second medium range neutral eye shadow color and apply it just slightly above the crease area of your eyelid and use your darkest eyeliner color and apply a thin line next to your eyelashes. Line your eyes a second time. This time the liner should be a little thicker from the middle of the lid outward. It should sit on top of your first guideline. The next steps are tilting the line upward to a fine point to add a dramatic element. And, the last steps include are setting off your eye makeup colors; add highlighting below the eyebrow and at the inner corners of your eyes. Cool eye makeup easy to do. The lining of your eyes will definitely pop up your beauty and also make your appearance become irresistible.

Another important thing you must consider the shape of the eye, because the application of the eye make up can certainly enhance the appearance of the eye. The original slanted eyes can appear to a wider eyes just with the touch – up of the make -up. Therefore, before applying make up you must be sure of the shape of your eyes so that you are able to achieve better results. Your can be colored to make them more attractive by making use of the mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and eye pencil. Using the good quality eye make is the perfect option to create beautiful eyes.

If you have slanted eyes that often make you feel low and not confident. Sometimes make-up application errors it actually makes your eyes more slanted and does not look pretty. Well, using the right makeup for slanted eyes is to choose an eye shadow that tends to dark. Smokey eyes are the right concept for the slanted eyes. In addition, you shall be careful with the application of eyeliner. At the top of the eyelids, you can make it curved like a crescent moon. Make a full arch slightly so that your eyes look larger. Do not forget to apply eyeliner on the lower lid of your eye. The addition of false eyelashes can make your eye make up look more featured and sharp. Bright eye makeup can make your eyes look beautiful and fascinating. Furthermore, the addition of natural eyelashes is to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Alisha Jain