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Types of Manicures and Pedicures

Our nails need as much care as our skin and hair. The next time you go to a salon, try to look at your finger nails and toe nails and take a look if a manicure or pedicure is in dire need. One has to keep in mind that a pedicure and a manicure do not only mean having your nails cleaned and polished. It also involves treatments that replenish any lost supplements as well as rejuvenating the skin on your hands and feet.

There are generally 4 types of manicures and pedicures that are available in most salons. They may branch out into other kinds of treatments that use non-traditional ingredients like petals from flowers or even dark chocolate. The classifications which will be discussed are the basics.

Regular Mani and Pedi – This type of treatment involves all the basics such as soaking with soapy water (to soften dead skin and dry nails), nail clipping, scrubbing of the feet and sole, moisturizing, a short foot massage, and application of a nail polish of your choice. One may also choose to go natural and skip the nail polish and go for nail buffing instead.

French Manicure/Pedicure – Salon all over the country have said that this is currently the most popular nail treatment among women. It’s natural and clean look is probably the main reason for its popularity among salons. Neutral colored nails with white tips classify this treatment. The client has the option of choosing the shape of their nail which can be oval, square, or round. Today, special stencils are used for a cleaner and faster application of white nail polish on the tips. Moisturizing, pumice scrubs, and simple hand and foot massages are also included in a French manicure and pedicure.

Nail Spa – As the name implies, your finger and toenails will undergo special spa treatments. This takes longer and obviously costs more. Salons come up with numerous variations of this procedure, often made “unique” by one special extra ingredient. Wraps and masks are usually involved. It’s basically like a regular mani and pedi plus the add-ons (say, reflexology massage with a hydrating treatment). These treatments aim to rejuvenate and relax the skin and nails.

Paraffin – Paraffin that is used for salon treatments is actually an alkaline (opposite of acidic) substance that contains hydrating factors for the skin. It comes in a very viscous and waxy form which is applied all over the skin on the feet and the hands (palm and back of hands). One’s hands and feet are then wrapped with for the moisture to seep through the skin. Paraffin manicure and pedicures also include regular nail cleaning and shaping.


Doing this on your own is, of course, possible. One just needs the right tools to effectively and safely keep their nails clean and nice looking. Nail essentials include:

–          Nail clippers/cutters

–          Nail brush

–          Pumice stone

–          Cuticle remover

–          Towel

–          Pusher/orange stick

–          Emery board

–          Buffer

–          Hand and/or feet moisturizer

–          Soaking basin

–          Clear nail polish (preferably with cuticle moisturizer)

Salons will always advice you that if you haven’t had any experience with manicures and pedicures, then it’s best to get the help of a professional.

Mimi Aringo