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Trendy Make-Up Tips For Oily Skin

Nobody wants to walk around with oil slick on their face. Women face a lot of problems with greasy skin when it comes to make-up. Make-up on oily skin generally melts off easily and fades away soon. The reason behind oily skin is the over-production of oil from the oil producing sebaceous glands. Our body has the natural tendency to produce oil to keep it moisturized and healthy. But, at the same time, over-production of oil can lead to various skin problems. Therefore, with oily skin you need to be little careful with the choice of cosmetic products. Here come some trendy make-up tips for slick skin:

Prime your skin properly before you apply make-up: – It is advisable to prime your skin properly before applying make-up. Priming not only acts as a protective layer but also acts as a base. Priming ensures that your make-up lasts longer. When choosing primer for your greasy skin, choose the one that has salicylic acid in it. Try avoiding silicone based primers as they can be allergic and can cause break outs.

Apply Foundation: – After applying primer on to your face, apply foundation on it. Foundation helps to set your make-up for a longer period of time. Always use powder based foundation as it fights off the shine that comes on your face due to oil.

Face powder: – It would not be wrong to say that face powder is your best friend when you have greasy skin. Some people get confused with pressed and loose powders. However, both work equally on an oil skin. Pressed powders are convenient to carry around to help in doing quick touch-ups.

Prefer using matte blushes: – Always prefer using matte blushes instead of one with shimmer. As make-up tends to fall off quickly from an oily skin, so if you use cream blush, it will melt off easily. Powder blushes helps to set your make-up for a longer time.

Apply mineral make-up: – It is said mineral make-up is a blessing for people having oily skin. It is oil free and made up of inorganic minerals. It is made up of zinc and titanium dioxide which are known to be natural sunscreens saving your skin from harmful radiations of sun. Try applying a minimum layer of make-up as multiple layers tends to cake-up easily.

By applying these simple and trendy make-up tips, you can now rock any party or occasion.

Harr Jeet Kaur