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Top 5 Nail Polish Colors Every Girl Must Have

Do you ever wonder among those millions of nail polish colors out the in the market, what is the most popular nail polish color for girls? Well in this article you will get the top five nail polish shades which voted by ladies around the world. Girls easily have dozens of nail polish collection and keep on adding new stock whenever the new season is coming. Well here are the top 5 nail polish shades you cannot miss.

Top 1 The Classic Red

Classic red is really all time favorite since the day when nail polish introduce into the market. You can see almost all ladies are wearing it, whether it is from Hollywood celebrities to house wifes. So it is a must have basic yet dazzling nail polish for every day life for both formal or casual events. So it will never get outdated even for another 50 years.

Top 2 Pretty and Lovely Pink

Pink color shows great feminine, princess look and cute. It has been all time favorite for ladies and teenagers. Not too surprise that it is the hottest pick at nail salons in any seasons throughout the year. Especially during spring and summer it is really a must have nail polish shade on every ladies nails.

Top 3 Neutral

This can be categorise as the natural shades that give people a smooth and comfortable feeling, easy to reach out type of perception or get along pretty well. So neutral shade good at any events, even it is the most favorite choice in workplace, since it gives working ladies the outlook of noble, elegant, presentable and confident nail show up.

Top 4 Mysterious and Secretive Dark Color

In cool seasons like fall and winter, the mysterious darker nail polishs is the best choice, since it matches and blend in really well with the environment. Especially if you mix and match with some nails decor like glitter powders, giltter balls or flakes, even some cute 3D object will make your nails more attractive. A few choice would be bold black, piano black, deep sea blue, dark purple, dark burgundy red, dark chocolate brown. The catch is dark color nails need slightly more maintenance and care.

Top 5 Color That Upswing Your Mood

If you feel that any particular helps to get you in good mood and makes you happy, you should really put on them frequently. So you can at least equipment yourself one or two of your favorite colors at all time.

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