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The Winter Blues French Nail Manicure – Simple Nail Designs

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but my nails are so delightful…

When the weather outside is dreary, you can relax knowing that your nails look great! You probably do not always create simple nail designs during the winter, but the truth is that there are many fun designs waiting for your nails. How about a play on the original French nail manicure? Using monochromatic blues, you too can celebrate the season with good cheer.

Become an ice goddess with this lovely play on the French nail manicure. Right away, you will notice three distinct differences.

The first difference is the use of color. While the French nail manicure presents a natural look, our winter blues look is well, blue. An ocean blue is used as the base and a cotton candy blue for the nail tip. Finding the cotton candy color may prove more difficult, but you can always use a baby blue.

 The second difference is the line, which divides the nail tip from the nail base. A French nail manicure line is usually silver, if any line is used at all. To achieve this simple nail design look, you can use a blue glitter nail art brush or even try silver. If using blue, draw a white line first, and then go over it with the blue glitter. Otherwise, the blue glitter will not show up against the blue nail polish.

The final difference is the angle of the glitter line. A French nail manicure has a straight or slightly curved line to it. This line is clearly angled. The angle occurs to the left of the nail. I would suggest drawing the angled line first before doing anything else. Then fill in the ocean blue. And then the baby blue for the nail tip. That way, you are just coloring in the lines so to speak for the rest of the design.

Jesse F. Smith