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The Rules of Rugby

Rugby has 2 halves, each 40 minutes long. There is a 10 minute halftime break. Each team has 15 starting players and 7 substitutes. The players are split into two different groups, Forwards, and Backs. Rugby is played on a grassy pitch 70 metres wide 100 metres long.


There are 2 props at the front of the scrum, 1 on either side of the hooker whose job it is to hook the ball from the scrum. Behind them are 2 Second rows otherwise known as locks, Locks are usually tall and are used to win the ball from line-outs. Either side of the locks are flankers, they make sure the ball doesn’t come outside of the scrum. The final forward is the No. 8, who can either pick up the ball and run during a scrum or hook it back to the scrum half.


The scrum half has one of the most important job in the team because they pass the ball from rooks, scrums and mauls or they tackle the other scrum half to stop him passing it to the fly half. the fly half is mostly used for the kick offs at the start or for drop goals. they also pass it to the centres. The centres take on people and usually the people who create the try scoring opportunities. The wingers job is to score the tries and use their pace to get past people. The fullback is the last man when the opponents are attacking and have a mixture of pace and strength.

There are 5 different ways of scoring points:

1. A Try- When a player puts the ball on the ground in the opponents goal area. This is usually the hardest way to score points and is worth 5 points.

2. A Penalty Try- When a player can attempt a penalty when a player would have scored a Try but is stopped by and opponents penalty. This is very rare in professional rugby and is worth 5 points.

3. A Conversion Goal– A conversion is taken after each try scored and is worth 2 extra points.

4. Penalty kick- Whenever a team gets a penalty they can try a penalty kick. It is like a conversion but is worth 3 points.

5. Drop Goal- when a player does a drop kick and tries to get it through the posts for 3 points.

The match is started with a drop kick. A player can only pass backwards or to the side in rugby, forward passes are not allowed. Any player can kick it at any time, after it is kicked either side can get the ball. Players also run with the ball until they get tackled and set or go out of bounds. Once a player steps out of bounds they set up a line-out. In a lineout the teams stand a metre away from each other and the ball is thrown down the middle by the hooker. The players are lifted to get the ball for their team.

When the ball is dropped and bounces forward or passed forward the teams set up a Scrum. Each team forms a tunnel and the scrum half buts the ball into the middle of the scrum and the teams push to get the ball to their side. The ball is then passed out by the scrum half or run by the No.8

Stefan Lloyd