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Take Care of Your Skin With These Tips

Your skin is very important to not only how you look but also how good your health is. If you have happy, healthy, and rejuvenated skin your whole self looks and feels better. In today’s world one of the first things a lot of people will notice about you is your skin. Well, how do you keep your skin looking and feeling great? Here are some tricks and tips to help you retain the skin that you deserve.

First of all one of the best things you can ever do for your skin is keep hydrated. This process starts from the inside. Drinking plenty of water is the best place to start. It is recommended for women to drink at least 9 cups and men to drink about 9 cups of water a day, this is 2.2 liters and 3 liters respectively. Although things like tea, colas, energy drinks and coffee all contain water they all contain other ingredients such as sweeteners (both natural and artificial), caffeine, colors and dies that can actually be more harmful than their water content can be helpful for you. You can also get a lot of good fluid from fruits, vegetables and other foods but these can be hard to gauge when it comes to actual fluid content. So water is the best policy.

The outside of your skin should also be taken care of as well. UV rays from the sun can be harmful and with overexposure you can increase wrinkles and lines as well as increase your chances of skin cancer. This being said sunlight gives us our most easily absorbable form of vitamin D which is essential for your body to correctly use calcium, a mineral that is essential not only to bone health but also to muscle and brain function as well. The best policy is to wear a good multi-spectrum sun block whenever you are going to be out in the sun.

 Another factor that you should consider when thinking about your skin is keeping it moisturized from the outside in. This involves using cleansers and soaps that do not strip moisture from your skin as you bath. This is best done with a cleanser that has a small amount of readily absorbable light weight oil. Of course, everyone has different skin types and conditions that make some products more harmful than helpful. Try several different options and see what works best for you. Another factor is lotions. They can be a great aide to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful all year round throughout your life.

Be kind to your skin and it will be good to you. We hope you have found this article of interest and useful as well. Of course, sometimes we all need a little help to maintain the look we want. Here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery we are here to help you find the very best you. Do not be afraid to research the products and procedures we have that can help you have and retain the gorgeous skin you deserve.

Tim Rush