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Summer 2014 Fashion Modes To Follow

Style is synonymous with exotic looks that pop out magnificently. Summer season is all about juggling with striking colors with hippie chic accessories. The current summer 2014 fashion trends showcase the hottest looks from the biggest names of the global fashion industry. One can’t resist the cuts and shades brilliantly matched and crafted for a stunning summery look.

Good news:

Do you know that most of the designer outfits, bags, shoes can be within our reach? The diverse online shopping modes are free from hassles. You just have to log in to capture this exciting experience of discount shopping. It is time to revamp your wardrobe for a summery gala.

Decades back it was hard to afford any designer stuff and one had to stick to street shopping due to restricted budget. Now coupons are offered with up to 50% off on designer labels at ASOS and Nordstrom. So what are you waiting on?

One thing to do before cracking is to spot the essentials of a desired look. Indeed, when it comes to investing, better focus on timeless pieces: a coat with a beautiful cut, pumps, a glittery top, a gorgeous leather bag plus bejeweled trinkets to create a magic spell.

How many of us think of avoiding fashion bombs? To avoid fashion blunders, follow the simple guide to survive in the jungle of fashion fraternity. Look for hot new trends and get rid of the old t-shirt that you carry with shapeless jeans.

Are you tired of that typical hipster look? Want to try a look that creates a “style statement”? You can now pick a perfectly plain white t-shirt with sneakers in flashy colors and clutch it with jewels or embellishments of your choice.

Who are the style icons?

Style icons are those who never expect their aesthetic dressing to be a grand hit, but rely on quickly refining the look their way. This is actually pretty classy. Pick these flamboyant possessions and create a “style statement” of all time. Forget the baggy stuff, revive it with a little grunge and classic 90s look. You can look online and go through fashion blogs for more shots to charm this summer.

Flattering picks for summer:

Follow the latest trend, entering the cycle of trendy clothes. Rethink your wardrobe and focus on conventional street looks for a day out. Dressing for night out or an evening cocktail party- the short black dress stuns!

Metallic fever goes viral:

Fashion is cyclical to some extent, so please do not hesitate away from the opportunities that crop up. Metallic colors are a good example. Dress up in gold embellished tops, a pencil skirt with black peep toes. A strong attraction for transparency is observed with misty cuts and lace motifs. So what are you waiting for?

Summer essential pants:

Every wardrobe should contain a pair of textured black pants that is always chic and paired up with silk blouse or elegant knitwear; perfect for all seasons.

The crop top:

An absolute summer hit of this season is the ‘crop top’ look. It has been walking all the way of red carpet looks plus the casual street style. Let’s face it, high cut short a few inches above the navel are not easy to wear trend.

The black boot:

Rock and chic accessory par excellence, we all love a nice pair of black leather boots. You can wear it with a ruffled short skirt or with any vibrant skinny pants.

The jewel bag:

Hanging on our arms, the bag is the object of desire! For evenings of the holiday season, a bag is an ideal accessory that goes for a pretty look. The hippest jewel bags are available at affordable prices now. Clutch bag is pretty ‘in’ for a formal or wedding look.

Chic neck charms:

You will have to indubitably fall in love with the bib necklaces along with the chunky semi-stone statement trinkets for ideal summer finesse. The hot summer aqua hue brightens every look and gives a touch of whimsy.

Fashion favorite is denim:

Ultra versatile denim with cropped tops look good at all times. It builds on a street look with jeans to be paired for every day. Pair your denim with any casual top, colorful accessories, a belt and sneakers to end up looking wonderful any day!

Bernie S Little