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Stunning White Blonde

Achieving a white blonde hair color can be dangerous without the right advice. We recommend that if you have no experience with dying or processing your own hair, that you seek advice from a professional. All over white blonde requires extensive bleaching that can result in hair loss if the right technique is not applied. If you are going to continue at home to bleach your hair to a white blonde, please ensure that you do a strand test. For impatient people, this may be frustrating but you will not regret it if your hair breaks during the test process! Obtaining the color you desire is less about the actual practical application and more about proper preparation and conditioning/toning after the initial application.


The directions for bleaching your hair will depend on the product you have purchased. Read the instructions carefully, bleach is not something to take lightly!!

Depending on the colour you want to achieve, a higher volume (30/40) would be recommended for a lighter result and volume 20 developers for more natural highlights.

Empty some of the developer into a mixing bowl and add blonde bleaching powder. This mixture should be the texture of a whipped cream. Start applying the mixture from the ends first for pre dyed hair (with your gloves on). This does not apply to people who have all over virgin hair.

Add evenly over the hair and leave and place a cap over the head. The cap will ensure that the natural heat from your head is assisting the bleaching process. A clear cap is ideal so you do not have to remove the cap to check during the process.

Check every 10 minutes and after 30 minutes, check regularly. Everyone has different processing times and there is no set time for everyone. Below are general times;

After Bleaching

Ensure Deep conditioning treatment. Make sure your purchase a good quality product. Regardless of deep conditioning, adding a protein treatment is ESSENTIAL to ensuring your hair can repair itself as bleaching is very traumatic for your hair. We suggest that you use products such as Moroccan oil and other commercial treatments to protect your hair and re-nourish it after the process.

Incorrect use of chemicals in your hair is a major cause of hair loss in females and one should always be very careful when using any product to change the color of your hair.

Jason M Newman