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Stuffy Nose: Causes, Treatments, Precautions

Stuffy nose is a condition, accompanied by a vast array of unpleasant sensations, impairing the quality of your life: difficulty breathing through the nose, sleep disorders, lack of appetite. Fatigue, headaches after sleep, general weakness, and drop in the work activity – all these symptoms are caused by insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain due to long-term or constant nasal congestion. 80% of patients claim that this condition brings them the maximal discomfort. How to handle the problem? Let’s find out.

Say “No!” to Vessel-Narrowing Nasal Drops
The first remedy, most of us grab, as soon as there are the first signs of nasal congestion, is nasal products, narrowing blood vessels. They cause contraction of blood vessels and improve breathing through the nose. However, their action is limited in time: as a rule, the effect lasts for 4-6 hours. With long-term usage of such drops, the muscle wall of the vessels refuses to work independently. After 7 days of usage edema occurs to the nasal mucous membrane. A patient begins to use the drops more frequently and wonders why he/she can’t get rid of the nasal congestion. Very simply, constant affection of the vessel-narrowing drops impairs tropism of the nasal mucous membrane: vessels are constantly contracted, the mucous membrane, deprived of nutrition, begins to lose ciliates epithelium that is the major barrier for infection. That’s why it’s important not to eliminate the symptom, but to determine its cause and begin efficient treatment.

Stuffy Nose: Causes
The condition may have allergic nature, be evoked by chronic inflammation or extremely dry air. Nasal congestion often develops in pregnant women due to the general increase of the volume of circulating blood and mucous membrane edema. The most frequent cause is, however, the usage of wrong treatments, like the mentioned nasal drops, contracting vessels.

Stuffy Nose: Treatment

  • The first step is you visit a doctor to exclude a possibility of polyps in the nasal cavity or nasal septum distortion. These conditions require surgeries.
  • Get an air-humidifier for your home. Sometimes even taking this measure allows you to get rid of chronic pharyngitis or other symptoms of a common cold, revealing as throat pain when swallowing and nasal congestion. Sometimes all these problems are associated with air dryness during the heating period. Dry mucous membrane, covering airways, simply can’t function properly and is very vulnerable to any microbes.
  • Use natural medical products, causing no addiction. Try a products based on Nature – a medication on the basis of cyclamen extract, boosting local immunity and triggering the mechanism of natural self-cleaning of the nasal cavity and sinuses from mucus and puss. The product may be used in patients with chronic sinusitis once a day during 6-8 days, independently or as a part of a complex therapy.

Additionally, nasal congestion can be eliminated with feet baths and irrigations (solution of juice from ½ lemon, 1 teaspoon of salt and 50 g of water).

Sam O’Neal