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Some Simple But Sexy Belly Dancing Moves For Beginners

Have you ever thought of trying belly dancing? It can be a fun and sensual way of getting into shape and relieving tension and stress. It’s also not just for women! Yes, men can also enjoy this hobby. Belly and hip moves are a big part of belly dancing, but it also involves hand, arm and neck moves. Proper control and isolation of the muscles is the most important thing to focus on.

Circle: This is the easiest move. Simply keep the balls of your feet firmly on the ground and slide your hips to the side, push them backwards, roll them to the opposite side, then roll them back to the front.

Figure Eights: Put your feet together, stand straight and relaxed. Hold your arms out. Visualize a rectangle framing your hips. Move your right hip to the top right of the rectangle, then to the bottom right. Repeat this procedure with your left hip, then bring your hips back to the center. Imagine moving your hips in a figure 8.

Chest Circles: Stand in the same posture used for Figure Eights. Move your whole torso to the right, then to the left. Only your torso should be working. The chest lift completes the move. Using your stomach muscles and the muscles in the middle of your shoulders, push your chest up before moving your torso to the left.

Belly dancing is not as difficult to learn as it may look. The moves can be broken down and learned individually via belly dancing dvd lessons. If you’re ready to try it, here are some simple moves you can practice and, once mastered, put together to form the start of a basic dance routine. Practicing each move slowly, while watching yourself in a mirror, will help you learn them.

Once you get hold of the gist of these moves, you can practice them appropriately and in precision without any difficulty or hindrance. You may practice the sexy belly dancing moves in small bits and, afterwards practice them well, after that you can fuse them or dance in an innovative new way (that reflects belly dancing style).

Now, initially you may have to put some effort in the belly dancing style of dance form but after you become proficient in this, you can easily perform it with expert precision. Here, in this article, few of the basic dance forms or styles are being discussed and you can go about them in no time.

Keep in mind, not to practice them hastily and do these styles slow enough that you get them right. One of the most easy and sexiest basic dance forms is the super sexy figure eights. Through this the belly dancers acquire a certain degree of expertise and professionalism.

It involves standing with feet joined together and then formulating a T style formation or move. In this formation you have to make use of the hip strength and perform with your arms as well.

One other sexiest move is called the super sexy chest circles. After having practiced the sexy hip movements, here is another sexiest move form through which you can grab the attention of your viewers. Stand with both feet together and start you hip movements.

In this case, you will have to practice the side to side movements and then bring in fluency and flow in this dance form. You may want to keep a good watch onto the dance form and bits of the moves and forms. All you have to do is to keep practicing with keen interest and in no time you will be dancing like a zesty belly dancer.

Mariella Monroe