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Football is one of the world’s most popular sports and has a huge betting market. Football betting has also gained much popularity due to the advent of online betting. This enabled a huge number of avid football fans to gain easy access to wager on their favorite football teams or players. The large number of betting markets available on football alone is enough to keep bookmakers very busy especially during the World Cup series.

The common misconception when people talk about online betting is its complexity and security risk. However, if you follow certain guidelines and know how to place your bets strategically, then football betting can be a very entertaining sport as well as a lucrative past time.

To start you off right, make sure that you sign up with a bookmaker that is reputable and the rest will naturally follow. A reputable bookmaker means that the company has been in business for quite some time already, with stellar reviews from their clients and critics as well. The bookmaker should be able to provide you with security of personal data because a lot of information in the web can be used by clever hackers. Most bookmakers reward their clients with sign-up bonuses in the form of free bets. Make use of these free bets to place winning wagers. A reliable online bookmaker should also provide their clients with easy access 24/7 customer service assistance. Another technique that a lot of punters utilize is to register with several bookmakers instead of just one. Aside from getting more free bets, different bookmakers offer different odds on the same markets so you can choose that which offers the best one.

Once you have registered with a bookmaker, it is also important that you are updated with recent news and relevant information on your favorite football teams or players. A recent injury or a managerial casualty of a key player could affect the overall performance of a team. Player transfers and new signings can also alter a team’s performance. Whether having a paid subscription or using only free betting tips, it is important to keep updated with the football market in order to place winning bets. Most bookmakers also offer free betting tips so make sure to take note of those.

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider in online football betting is to get the timing of your bets right. This is especially important in in-running betting, when odds fluctuate wildly over the course of ninety minutes. Placing a bet too early in the game may make you miss out on a more profitable opportunity later on. Many other football betting markets also become available as the game progresses so it is vital to take notes of them. When betting in-running, make sure that you have live access coverage of the game, be it radio or, preferably, television. Latest commentaries and events on the field could sway the odds of the game and could make you lose your bet if you don’t pay much attention.