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Silk Scarves – How to Pick and Take Care of Them

Have ever heard the saying ‘as smooth as silk’, yes silk is the strongest and smoothest natural fiber and the apparel made of silk are the part of many culture since centuries. Out of various silk apparels silk scarves are hugely appreciated by people of all age groups. Popularity of silk scarves is so immense that many international fashionistas has chosen them as the theme of their designer apparel in several fashion weeks. As an important fashion accessory to carry they are not only capable of enhancing female charm but are equally suitable for men’s masculine features.

May be you have noticed changes in men’s fashion trend and a lot of these changes has been brought by men’s scarves. A few decades ago scarves for men were not so common, even they were nowhere in fashion scenario. But now youngster has welcomed it in big way especially the silk scarves for men have taken over to play bigger role. Men’s silk scarves are capable of changing sober business outfits to semi formal or casual outfits.

However before going gaga over silk scarves you should know how to pick and place them safe. Let us discuss some important topics that will prove helpful in selecting silk scarf.

*There are a few things to consider when you pick a silk scarf. No. 1, match your skin tone with scarf’s color, if it not matched well then don’t think twice before giving it. No 2, may be you will find yourself in little difficult situation while facing it. Your eyes set on a scarf that has perfect design but a little deviated from your favorite color that suits you. What the option remain with you? Well, compare all the colors of outfits you have and see if scarf team up with any outfit and your figure. Give importance to back and side profile also. Even try your normal checking methods. No. 3, your dress is very vital for over all get up so don’t ignore it. A scarf is just an accessory which has role of setting contrast in dress and to complement it. If the scarf can’t do this then leave it, don’t waste the space of wardrobe. No. 4, Consider the event you are about to attend. Are you selecting it for office or evening parties? And for ladies there are options to look for also like teaming up silk scarf with handbag, belt, lipstick and cap or hat.

*Now-a-day fewer people use brooch to place silk scarves. Most of us find it useless but it’s OK to use them in formal occasions to place your accessory in right position. This will make you look elegant and decent. Only bring brooch which can complement your silk scarf and go with the mood of event.

*For cleansing we recommend you to go only for dry clean but in case that’s not possible than go for hand wash instead of machine wash because wash can damage the fiber of silk fabric. After washing dry it in shaded place. Store silk scarf in spacious place, if space is not available then use padded hanger to hang.