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Should You Wear Flat Shoes on Your Wedding Day?

It is almost your wedding day and you have everything picked out such as your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, cakes and venue. However, you haven’t picked out your shoes. When choosing the shoes you are going to wear on your wedding day you want to look elegant, of course.

Remember that you will be on your feet most of the day dancing, walking, stooping, going up and down stairs and standing in receiving lines. You do not have to give up elegance of your shoes if you choose shoes that will keep your feet comfortable such as flat shoes to match your wedding dress.

This is your day and you want to be not only looking elegant and beautiful you want to be comfortable as well. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to either take off your high heels (which will have your dress dragging on the ground) and showing the hole in your stocking. If you choose flat shoes to wear on your wedding day you will be comfortable and able to dance all day long without having to keep switching feet to stand on.

If you are worried about your height, don’t. It doesn’t matter how tall you are when you are getting married. Comfort lends itself to a happier wedding day since your feet won’t be aching as you will be able to wear your flat shoes all day during your wedding ceremony and reception. Wearing flat shoes are not only comfortable they are available in a variety of beautiful styles to match any wedding dress you have chosen for your special day.

Don’t take the chance of removing your high heels then getting your toes stepped on by a rambunctious dance partner. Broken toes or a broken foot would not be a good way to start the beginning of your new life as a wife.

Wedding styles are constantly changing from year to year. Your wedding day is your day to enjoy, be happy and be pampered. Browse through magazines and ask your bridal consultant on choosing a low, flat shoe to wear on your wedding day. Flats are just as sexy and heels and can be died to match your bridesmaid’s dresses as well. Just like your bridesmaid’s dresses do not have to match in length, style or color neither do your shoes for the wedding party.

Be comfortable, this is your day. Wear flats such as a baby doll or Mary Jane flat, they are cute, comfortable and sexy.

You will feel like Cinderella all day long when you are wearing comfortable shoes and so won’t your bridesmaids. Remember, there is nothing worse than when your feet hurt and you are trying to walk and dance with grace. Choosing to wear flat shoes on your wedding day will enable you to be happy and graceful all day long.

If you do not walk straight you can put your back out of alignment, not to mention get a painful sore on your toe or heel. You want the happiness of your wedding to continue on with happy memories of long dances and happy faces. Choose flat shoes with your wedding dress and you will be glad you did.

Keith B. Auerbach