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Shaping Up to Be a Great Year for Nails

When I hear someone say 2013, our current year isn’t what springs to mind, instead I imagine “Twenty-Thirteen: Space-Age of the Future!” As crazy as that sounds, I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Just take a look at recent fashion trends in nail art designs!

Two-tone designs are very popular, and rightly so! Contrasting colors make for some very interesting designs that make you look creative and cool.

Half Moon/ Reverse French Manicure

The lunula, the white crescent shaped part of the nail that meets the cuticle, has become a popular area of the nail to paint or even leave unpainted! In the 1930’s the Moon Manicure was a very popular design, where the center of the nail was painted one color and the lunula and tips were painted another. Nowadays, half moon manicures are just as popular as they had been many years ago, with celebrities like Dita Von Teese promoting her own brand of nail stickers that sport the vintage design.


This trend has been around for the past two years and it doesn’t look to be falling out of style just yet. The appeal to this design is the beautiful color gradients which can be done on individual nails or fading from one nail to the next. A fun way to jazz up you ombre nails is too add glitter to the tips.

Racing Stripe

Solid colored manicures are beautiful all on their own, but when they are contrasted with a thin strip of another complementary color, they stand out even more. The thin stripe interrupts the base color only slightly, making it a beautiful and elegant design that easy for anyone to do.


How futuristic is this? A nail polish formula containing small metal pieces, undetectable in the texture, that react to a magnetic pull creating a beautiful 3-dimensional design. Though this is one of my least favorite trends, I do think it would be a ton of fun just to play with.

Nail Stickers

This once elite trend of elaborately designed coatings for nails is now highly affordable and available everywhere. If you want to splurge, many salons offer Minx, the brand associated with the original nail stickers that have been so popular with celebrities and designers. Buying stickers at the drugstore are a fraction of the price you’d pay at the nail salon and look just as good.


Mint is just as popular as it was nearly two years ago. It’s a great shade, complementary to any skin tone and comes off playful and girly. Hunter green made a grand debut in fall fashion and nail art but its time has come to an end. Spring will be all about ushering Emerald tones in to take its place.

Metal Accents

This look involves plating the nail with gold, silver or chrome designs that either cover the nail wholly or partially. It has a futuristic feel to it, making the nail look modern, sophisticated and bionic all at the same time.

Asia Fujikake