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Seetha Amman Temple – Story of Magic and Wonder

Surrounded in mystery and legends, the Seetha Amman Temple is a place in Nuara Eliya that you simply must not miss on your visit. The town of Nuwara Eliya is very famous for its wonderfully cool climate. Escape from the busy city life and also visit their tea estates, a sight for sore eyes. Check out this place on your next visit here and you will not be sorry that you did. They have so much to offer a tourist, whether it be the Haggala botanical gardens to indigenous species of flora, or the tea estates where you can pluck, make, drink and take your tea back home with you, this town is truly a hidden gem.

In the midst of all the wonderful things to do here, located just about on kilometre away from the famous Haggala Botanical gardens, you will find the Seetha Amman Temple. This is the place where the King Ravana was said to have held Seetha captive. Hence the name of the village is also named after her, ‘Seetha Eliya.’ This temple is very famous and has a very prominent place in Hindu Mythology. Families come here together to worship and receive blessings. If you are not afraid of monkeys, you can also take some fruits along with you to feed them as they can be found here in plenty. One of the most prominent parts of the temple is the footprint of Hanuman, who saved Seetha from the captive chains of Ravana. This is not of human size and it is believed that he was able to transform into something supernatural.

When you visit this beautiful town, check out the wonderful waterfalls, golf course and many other things as well, for your visit would not be complete without it.Most Nuwara Eliya hotels provide great services, but a great place to stay at is the Heritance Tea Factory.If time permits head on over to the very famous Gregory’s Lake and enjoy the serene atmosphere and cool climate.The town is also famous for fresh strawberries and no trip to Nuwara Eliya is complete without buying some!