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Sailing For Beginners – What to Expect

Sailing is a different thing to everyone. For some it is a sport and for others it is recreational. So how do you know whether it is for you? There is really only one way to find out if sailing is for you and that’s by giving it a go! However, this article will give you some insight and education on what to expect and how to strengthen your knowledge.

When you are sailing, you are living the right now! You notice the weather normally, but when you are sailing you really live the weather. You don’t just look at the sea, you are the sea. It’s an experience that cannot be explained until you are out there on your own roaming across the beautiful waves without a care in the world.

Of course, with every up there must be a down. The sea can be noisy, uncomfortable and unpredictable. Learn to sail and you will be prepared for all of these things. However, attending an MCA approved engine course will give you those extra skills required to become confident at sea. The aim of the MCA approved engine course is to provide students with hands-on experience teamed with theoretical knowledge. It concentrates on diesel engines, focusing on the appreciation of basic marine diesel mechanics and electrics. To enter the course you don’t need to have had any previous experience although experience dealing with diesel engines is always helpful! Candidates looking to enter the course must be over 18 years old.

The course caters to everyone but the types of people who attend usually own small private or commercial sailing or motor vessels. The candidates usually operate their vessels for personal reasons and are looking to further their knowledge, although some students use their vessels for training or charter activities and simply want to have a greater awareness of marine diesel engines and related systems. The course is usually held over a 5 day period and costs anything from £500-£580, but is well worth the investment!

To learn to sail is a fairly quick and simple process if you take all the right steps. The RYA has numerous training courses across the world and is highly recognised. The RYA hold courses that get you out on the water no matter what it is you’re interested in, from yachts to windsurfing. The RYA starts at the beginning, level number 1. This level will give you a taster and introduction into what you can expect from boating and sailing. Depending on which area you want to specialise in this level will teach you how to prepare the boat and other vital necessities such as boat handling, launching and recovery and picking up.

Level 2 goes into slightly more depth and is usually covered in 2 days. This level is the most popular level as you do not need any previous knowledge, so you can jump straight to level 2 without completing level 1 if you wish. Level 2 focuses more on anchoring, man overboard and securing to a buoy. This course gives you the ability to sufficiently power a boat by yourself in the right conditions and gives you an awareness of your own limitations with a sense of those of the craft.

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