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Quick Makeup Ideas That Make You Look More Awake This Busy Season

It’s a busy time of year and that indicates more nights out celebrating all the many festive occasions. Which also indicates you will find yourself compromising some much wanted sleep that will show on your face the next day.

I understand that you don’t have a great deal of time on your hands, especially in the morning, so with a few essential eye makeup products and makeup brushes, below are 5 makeup ideas to perk up your peepers so that you can go about your day as pretty as if you had gotten your beauty rest.

1. Cover dark circles with a little foundation before concealer.

The shadows under your eyes are among the most noted indications of your lack of sleep, but using too much concealer can draw even more focus on that area. Instead, apply foundation initially to even out the skin color and afterwards touch up with concealer. If your foundation covers the circles, then simply skip concealer.

2. Use lighter eyeshadow shades instead of dark.

This can truly open and brighten up the eyes. Use the eyeshadow with a firm domed brush and sweep the color throughout the lid, and then up and out at the end without reaching the brow. This last little technique will bring the eyes up and awake instead of dragging them down.

3. Opt for a daytime cat eye.

This winged out eyeliner technique is not only a classic look, but it can also make you look more awake. The upward flick at the end of the liner creates the illusion that the eye is turning up. Use a gel or liquid liner along with an excellent angled eyeliner brush to create this look.

4. Use nude eyeliner on your lower lashline.

Some say to use white eyeliner to highlight the whites of your eyes, but white can look unnatural. A nude/beige eyeliner on your lower lashes is more subtle. This little switch will neutralize redness, while making the eyes larger and brighter.

5. Arch your brows.

Does your eyebrow shape actually make a difference? Definitely! Not only do your eyebrows produce a good angle to your face, but it also has the result of making you look wide awake and more youthful. To begin, brush your eyebrows up and out with a spoolie brush. Next, using a color that matches your eyebrows, draw a little “carrot” shape at the high point of your eyebrow to create a more curved brow. Then simply fill in your brows.

These eye makeup ideas ought to be a go-to in your beauty toolbox. Remember that you’ll also need an excellent makeup brush set too. Now get out there, you bright-eyed beauty!

Kathy G Miller