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Protecting Hair Color From Fading

tting your hair dyed does wonders to your overall look so do not hesitate to find the right color that suits you best.  It is amazing how simple hair color can give you a total make-over and enhance those once hidden features that make you stand out.

The next step is finding ways to maintain that great hair color so it can last longer.  Hair dyes fades over time so you will need to have it re-colored, especially when you move into your forties and grey hair starts to appear.  Some people luckily need to have this done as few as twice a year, but some have to get it every two to three months.  There are ways to make hair color last a bit longer so you should maintain it properly so those locks will continue to look gorgeous until your next coloring schedule.

Hair dye tends to fade faster when continuously exposed to sunlight, so as much as possible, cover up and wear those attractive hats when the weather gets hotter.  Especially during summer when you spend most of your time at the beach or the outdoors, sunlight will tend to wear away the color from your hair.

For proper maintenance, shampoo and condition your hair with formulations containing UB filters. These leave a protective barrier against the harmful sun rays and protect color from fading away fast due to sunlight exposure.  It also gives you added protection for the health benefits that UV filters offer.

Stay away from chlorinated water when washing your hair. The chlorine in the water causes fading faster than it normally would.

Immediately after getting your hair colored, avoid direct sunlight since freshly dyed hair is more susceptible to color change. If you must, coat freshly colored hair with a leave-on conditioner to protect it from too much exposure.

Following these methods can extend the life of your hair color, so try observing these tips so you maintain great looking hair color at all times.

Andrea Dilea