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Properly Applying Eye Shadow

Beauty is one of top concerns of all teenage girls in the United States. They are very conscious of how they fit into the social ladder and they feel that beauty will make the difference and help them climb higher.

The media does not help with their obsession. Beautiful models are photographed advertising various products, but even these beauties are not enough.

Most of the time these models are touched up with computer to make them even more stunning, but they are unreal. This sends the wrong message to young teenage girls because many of them believe that this computer touched up look is the look that they should be striving to achieve.

This has led to a variety of techniques that are intended to increase the beauty of a person. One of these techniques is the application of makeup.

The proper application of makeup takes practice and research in order to do properly. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly apply makeup and they end up taking away from their natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

One of the trickiest parts of the application of makeup to perform correctly is the application of eye shadow. There are two general ways in which you can apply eye shadow.

These ways are commonly called “rounded” and “winged.” The rounded look is best for some people while the winged look is best for other.

In general, the rounded look tends to look the best on the majority of women, but only experimentation with various colors in these two methods will determine which look is the best for you. In order to save time, apply one method to one eye and the other to the other eye.

It is possible that both methods could look equally striking on you. However, an examination of your eye can also indicate which method is the best for you.

For example, if there is very little room between the crease of your eyelid and your eye and between the crease of your eyelid and your eyebrow, you will want to use the winged shape. However, if there is significant sagging of the skin in that area, you will probably want to use the round shading.

To begin application of the rounded eye shading, spread a light color across your eyelid. This color should cover the area between the lash line to the eyebrow.

Then, use a medium colored eye shadow to color the eyelid. Apply a light amount of the same color under the bottom eyelashes, but be careful not to make it noticeable.

Then, use a darker or brighter color to draw attention to the outer corner of the eye lid. Be sure to blend the three colors well so that there are no stark lines.

After you have applied the color, you will want to line the lashes with an eyeliner pencil in the appropriate color. This is the most basic way to apply the rounded eye shading.
For a more advanced makeup look, only apply the medium colored eye shadow to the inner corner of the eyelid. Then, apply the darker or brighter color to the crease of the eyelid and on the outer corner and blend well.

The winged shape eye shading is also very easy to apply. Begin by using the light colored eye shadow to color the area between your lash line and your eyebrow.

Then, use the medium shade of eye shadow to color the eyelid. Take the brighter or darker color and color the outer corner of the eye and pull the color slightly out.

Be sure to blend well. Blending is the key to making the eye shadow look natural.

Many people forget this step and then their coloring looks very artificial. When you have properly blended the color you will want to apply eyeliner.

In general, the rounded type of shadowing is best for eyes that are hooded, surrounded by sagging skin, or deeply set in the face. Older women should generally use this method of coloring.

Most of the time, the wing type of shadowing will be best for those who are young with very little sagging around the eye, but deeply set eyes. The advanced method of rounded shading is ideal on prominent lids on younger women with deep set eyes.

The advanced method of wing shading is generally best for younger deep set eyes as well. With properly applied makeup, you will be able to find more self-confidence which will lead to greater success in your life.

Tom Selwick